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Troop Committee Minutes
August 3, 2000

August Activities

  • A weekend training hike during August is not needed by longterm participants and therefore will not occur.
  • The trek to Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico, the week-long Summer Camp at Catalina and the longterm Sierra trek activities are on track.

September Activities

  • The parents meeting to discuss the realignment of the Troop because of size will be held on Sunday, September 10 at 7 PM. The location for this meeting will be announced.
  • The fall Court of Honor is scheduled for September 26th at the O'Donnell Center; all families are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • The Mystery trip scheduled for the 16th/17th is canceled because of two Eagle projects in September. These projects are scheduled for the weekends of the 23rd and 30th.

Eagle Candidates

  • Two Eagle Projects were presented to the Committee for the weekends of September 30 and October 14. Both projects were approved after Committee discussion.
  • The Troop has a large number of Life Scouts that are expected to be Eagle Candidates in the next six to twelve months. Coordinating the Eagle Projects over this timeframe will be challenging. To improve the handling and planning of projects for the Troop's Eagle candidates, an Assistant Scoutmaster for Eagle Projects was appointed. A write up of the Troop guidelines and policies will be completed and provided to Eagle candidates. One of the standards will require Eagle candidates to request their project date at least three months in advance. A long lead-time is required to prevent conflicts with other activities on the Troop calendar.
  • Traditionally, the Troop's Eagle projects have involved trail work because the Troop is High Adventure oriented. Several Eagle Candidates have expressed interest in community work for fulfilling project requirements. The Committee wants to develop a list of contacts that can help scouts identify good community service Eagle projects.

Troop Size Subcommittee

  • Implementation of the reorganization into the Green and Blue groups is well underway. Most of the adults who will be Patrol Advisors are on board. The list of the scouts in the groups is available during the Troop meetings.
  • Starting October 3rd, the Troop will begin alternating meeting weeks of the Blue and Green groups at the Scout House.

Hometown Fair

The Troop will have a booth serving hamburgers this year. The Committee is looking for strong participation by parents of new scouts at the booth.

Other Discussion Items

  • 2001 Troop Calendar will be discussed at September committee meeting
  • Service Hours required and awards
  • Summer Camp 2001
  • Order by rank or Order by service
  • Development of second activity program as alternative to High Adventure (day-hikes, car-camping etc.)
  • Broadening parent participation in Committee

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