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Troop Committee Minutes
October 5, 2000

October Activities

  • Preparations, plans and sign-ups for the Troop Hometown Fair Hamburger Booth was discussed. We are in great shape for a successful outcome. This booth is the only regular fund raising activity for the Troop. A big Thank you to those Scouts and Adults planning and staffing the booth.
  • There are two Eagle projects scheduled, October 14/15 and October 28/29.
  • The Greenbar (Patrol Leader Council) meeting will be 7:30 PM on Thursday, October 19 (3rd Thursday of the month) at American Martyrs in the St. Bridget room next to the O'Donnell Center. We would like to have all the Patrol Coordinators, SPL, ASPL, PL, APL, and Troop Guides attend this meeting.
  • Reminder that October 24th is a combined hike prep night for those going to the Bike Hike on November 4/5. Sign-ups for the hike will be available at next week's meetings. (There will be no group or patrol meetings on Tuesday Oct. 31)

November Activities

  • November 4/5 Bike Hike at Chilao. Sign-ups for the hike will be available at next week's meetings. We are anticipating a large number signing up for this hike. We will need adults to attend with vehicles that can carry bikes.
  • Because of schedule conflicts and the past lack of success, Scouting for Food will not be scheduled for November 18. The Troop will offer to the local Cub Scout Packs limited help in their collection efforts if they need it.
  • The re-registration process and the collection of the annual fees will be well underway in November.

Eagle Candidates

  • The committee reviewed an Eagle Scout Forest Service project. The Committee endorsed the project.
  • Guidelines for the Troop's Eagle Scout candidates have been drafted and are under review. A number of the Life Scouts have begun their scheduling discussions with the Assistant Scoutmaster for Eagle Projects in 2001.

Discussions of Past Events

  • The first week of Blue/Green activities was reviewed. It was noted there are still some "start-up" issues that chiefly revolve around improving communications. If there are issues or concerns regarding the new Troop alignment implementation, please bring them forth by notifying a Scoutmaster, the Committee Chair or by attending the next Troop Committee meeting.
  • The last Court of Honor was discussed. All noted that the duration was too long for an effective meeting. Since the next Court is next Spring, the Committee will assign a Working Group to develop options and recommendations to make these sessions with Scouts and their families a quality experience. Parents or Scouts with ideas on how to improve the Courts of Honor are encouraged to put their thoughts in writing and send them to the Committee Chairman.
  • The two Eagle projects in September were successful. Several suggestions to improve future projects were discussed. These will be incorporated into the Guidelines for the Troop's Eagle Scout candidates.

Summer Camp Planning

  • The size of the Troop attending summer camp is an issue. To reduce size and give a broader choice, the committee approved a motion that the Troop summer camps at two locations concurrently during the upcoming summer. Emerald Bay is reserved for August 12 to 18 and a reservation will be made at a camp in the Shaver Lake area concurrent with week of the Emerald Bay reservation. Details regarding criteria for attendance at either camp need to be worked out in the coming months.
  • Deposits for these camps will be required in January.

Other Discussion Items

  • The conflict of Committee meeting with the Mira Costa back to school night was discussed. The Committee would like to schedule the meetings without conflicts, however, switching weeks or days most often result in other conflicts that inconvenience a different set of people. The Committee meetings usually last long enough that they can be attended after most school events.
  • 2001 Troop Calendar will be discussed at the November committee meetings with the input and suggestions from the Green bar.
  • Development of second activity program as alternative to High Adventure (day-hikes, car-camping etc.)

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