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Troop Committee Minutes
February 1, 2001

February Activities

  • The plans and arrangements for the February 3 ski/snowboard trip are in place. Meeting time is 5:45 AM at the scout house.
  • Sign-up sheets for the Cross Country Ski Trip for February 24/25 are being made available. Accommodations will be at a cabin in Frazier Park or optionally a winter campout.
  • The Eagle Project scheduled for the weekend of February 10/11 at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Gardens needs a few more people to volunteer.
  • The Troop will have eight or nine adults attending the February 23/24/25 Adult Backpack Leader Training Program. Anyone else interested in attending should contact Dick Rose or Rich Hoesly for sign up and details. The Committee thanks these adults for taking the time to expand the number of trained adult backpackers in the Troop.
  • The Rock climbing leader training will begin on February 13 at 6:30 PM before the regular meeting. It is expected that 3 or 4 sessions will be required to complete the training plus a Saturday field exercise.

March Activities

  • The Rock Gym for the March 14 outing is being reserved.
  • The group camp at Indian Cove for the Rock Hike scheduled for March 23/25 has already been reserved by others and is not available. We will try to reserve a group of regular campsites to use. The LA Council now requires a new release signed by a parent for participating in this activity. We will give this to the scouts planning to attend the hike.
  • The Court of Honor is planned for March 27th at 7:00 PM at O'Donnell Hall. We will be implementing changes from the sub-committee to limit the Court to 90 minutes (or less) duration. We expect to advance at least 35 scouts at this Court.

Eagle Candidates

  • The Eagle project scheduled for February 10/11 at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Gardens is on track, but needs a few more people to volunteer.
  • An Eagle Project in the Madrona Wetland was approved for April scheduling.
  • The March Eagle Project is changing locations because of snow conditions.

Discussions of Past Events

  • The Rocket Hike at Red Rock Canyon was successful with about 15 Webelos with their parents participating. All reports are that people preferred this location to Saddleback Butte. We had a total of over 80 attend the hike.
  • The January 27, Saturday workshop for the Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the Community merit badges was very successful.

Summer Camp 2001

  • Emerald Bay is nearly at the reservation number and there are spots open at Chawanakee. We will be soliciting for adults to attend camp within the next few months.
  • It was noted that the 2001 calendar was not updated to reflect the dates and amounts of the second and third summer camp payments.

Long Term 2001

  • The venues for long term were discussed. The venues under discussion are a Trans Sierra Hike (9/10 days), before Summer Camp to accommodate experienced scouts, and a shorter (5 day) hike for the less experienced scouts. Under consideration for the shorter hike are two groups hiking the Agnew Meadow/Tuolumne Meadow route (about 32 miles) at the same time from opposite directions to minimize the car logistics.

Other Events

  • The April 7/8/9 outings were discussed. We will have a Catalina Hike and a Fishing Hike at Lake Isabella. Sign-up sheets will be available shortly.
  • The Pacifica District Spring Camporee April 20/21/22 at Weir Canyon was discussed. The theme of the Camporee is "Scout Skills". Sign-up will be at the Troop meetings and Hike Prep will be April 17.
  • The working group to improve the Court of Honor will have its second meeting on Sunday, February 11 at 7:30 PM at the Chairman's House.
  • The Troop's 2002 Philmont reservations have been confirmed.

Other Discussion Items

  • The Committee reviewed the status of the groups and patrols. Primary concern raised was the participation and program for the older scouts. It was decided that the Scoutmasters would get together to 1) develop options to solve the older scout "challenge" and 2) determine if patrol membership needs to be revamped.
  • A packet that described the proposal to combine the Western Los Angeles County Council with the Los Angeles Area Council were distributed. Our Committee Chairman has a vote for the Troop and would like feedback on which way to vote.
  • The Troop can use some equipment, especially backpacks that can be used by the newer scouts who do not have the proper equipment. The committee discussed holding a Troop swap meet to "relocate" unused and surplus equipment.

The next Troop Committee Meeting will be Thursday, March 1st, 2001, at the School Hall, American Martyrs School at 7:30 PM.

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