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Troop Committee Minutes
March 1, 2001

March Activities

  • An Orienteering class will be held at Pollywog Park at 2 pm on Sunday, March 4. Orienteering is a First Class requirement.
  • The Rock Gym for the March 14 outing has been reserved. Sign-up sheets are available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.
  • The date of the Rock Hike has been moved back a week due to scheduling conflicts with the Trained Leaders. The new date is now March 30 to April 1 at Joshua Tree. There is a new requirement from the LA Council that each scout that participates in Rock Climbing must have BOTH parents sign a release form. Sign up sheets and the release forms are available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.
  • The Rock climbing leader training in preparation of the Rock Hike began on February 13 and is continuing. It is expected that 4 sessions will be required to complete the training plus weekend field exercises.
  • The First Aid Certification class will be given on March 22. Participants must have a valid CPR Certificate to participate.
  • The Court of Honor will be held on March 27 at O'Donnell Center at 7 PM sharp. The format of the Court has been revised to focus on the advancement and achievement of the scouts and to complete the Court in one hour. It is planned to freeze the agenda and awards for this Court on March 20; awards earned after March 20 will be presented at the September Court. The agenda will be posted on the site.

April Activities

  • The Parents Meeting for parents of new scouts will be on April 5 at 6:30 PM, in the school hall (lower level of American Martyrs School, park in schoolyard near volleyball courts). This meeting is essential (mandatory) for new parents.
  • April 7 to 9 is the Catalina Hike. Scouts and parents are encouraged to sign-up soon to insure that we will have enough scouts to reserve spots on the ferry. Sign-up sheets are available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.
  • April 7 to 9 is also the Fishing Hike to Lake Isabella. This car camping outing is a new outing. Please sign-up to take part in this new and fun activity. Sign-up sheets are available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.
  • The Spring Camporee will be April 20-22 at The Featherly Regional Park in Anaheim Hills. The theme will be Scout Skills Competition. Sign-up sheets are available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.
  • An Eagle project is scheduled for April 28 at the Madronna Marsh. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Blue Group and Green Group Meetings.

Eagle Candidates

  • The March Eagle Project is being rescheduled to May 26/27 because of snow at the prospective project location.

Discussions of Past Events

  • Three scouts and three adults participated on the cross country ski hike on February 23/24. Despite conditions at 5000' of too much and then too little snow a good time was had by all.
  • The Eagle Project scheduled for the weekend of February 10/11 at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Gardens was finally completed on the weekend of February 24/25 in spite of threatening and actual rain. There was an excellent turnout of scouts and adults.
  • The Troop had five adults attend the February 23/24/25 Adult Backpack Leader Training Program. The Committee thanks these adults for taking the time to expand the number of trained adults in the Troop.
  • Sixteen adults were certified in CPR during the February 22 session. The certification is good for one year. The First Aid certification is on March 22.

Summer Camp 2001

  • Second payment for summer camp is due on March 6. $70 for Chawanakee and $130 for Emerald Bay.
  • Emerald Bay is fully reserved and there a spots open at Chawanakee. We will be soliciting for adults to attend camp within the next few months. We are looking for several adults to volunteer for Chawanakee.

Long Term 2001

  • The venues for long term were discussed. The venues planned are a Trans Sierra Hike (9/10 days) from Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal, July 28 to August 6 to accommodate experienced scouts that have High School obligations at the end of August; and two shorter (5 day) hikes from August 27 to September 1 for the less experienced scouts. Under consideration for the shorter hike are two groups hiking the Agnew Meadow/Tuolumne Meadow route (about 32 miles) at the same time from opposite directions to minimize the car logistics. Permits have been applied for.

Other Discussion Items

  • The Troop will have perhaps 35 to 40 new scouts from the bridging Webelos over the next few months. The Committee decided to have the adult leadership speak with the scouts and parent groups before forming patrols and assigning new scouts to a group. New scouts that are not formed into patrols will attend both Blue and Green Group Troop meetings.
  • The Committee reviewed the status of the groups and patrols. The primary concern raised was the participation of the older scouts, adult attendance, alignment and coordination of the two groups. The Scoutmasters are reviewing alignment and leadership with the scouts to improve the leadership structure and participation of the older scouts. Additionally, the committee encourages adults to attend the scout meetings to help out and to participate on the Board of Reviews that are required for a scout to advance in rank.
  • The Troop can use some equipment, especially backpacks, that can be used by the newer scouts who do not have the proper equipment. Please donate whatever you can.

The next Troop Committee Meeting will be Thursday, April 5th, 2001, at the School Hall, American Martyrs School at 7:30 PM following the New Parents Meeting.

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