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Troop Committee Minutes
April 5, 2001

April Activities

  • The Parents Meeting for parents of new scouts held prior to the committee meeting was well attended by new parents. Thanks to the leaders who participated in the presentations to the New Parents.
  • The April 7 to 9 Catalina Hike had to canceled because of low advanced signups. Scouts and parents are encouraged to sign-up early for the Troop activities to insure that we can properly plan, or in the case of the Catalina Hike, have enough Scouts and Adults to hold the activity. The signup board with sign-up sheets and descriptions for the Troop activities is available during at the Meetings at the Scout House.
  • The Fishing Hike is set to go April 7 to 9. Nine scouts and three adults are signed up. The campground has been changed to the Headquarters camp on the North Fork of the Kern River because of the crowds expected at the Lake.
  • The Spring Camporee will be April 20-22 at The Featherly Regional Park in Anaheim Hills. The theme will be Scout Skills Competition. Nine scouts and five adults are signed up. The final count will have to be turned into the District very soon.
  • An Eagle project is scheduled for April 28 at the Madronna Marsh. The sign-up sheet is available on the signup board.

May Activities

  • On Saturday, May 5, a Backpack Equipment Orientation will be held at the Scout House. The session will be targeted at the new scouts and parents, or others who are beginning to acquire camping/hiking gear.
  • The first backpack weekend is May 18 to 20. We are planning three hikes: a medium difficulty hike to the Sespe Wilderness, a medium difficulty and easy hike to Manzana Narrows and Fish Creek respectively.
  • An advancement day is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 (a second day date is June 16). These days are opportunities for scouts to work on and get signed off on advancement.
  • An Eagle project is scheduled for May 25-26. The project will be trail repair near Chantry Flats. Sign-up sheets will be available on the sign up board.

Eagle Candidates

  • The committee reviewed an Eagle Scout Candidate and approved his advancement to his Eagle Board of Review.

Discussions of Past Events

  • The Rock Climbing Leader Training was very successful. We are looking to hold another class in the fall.
  • The night at the Rock Gym was very well attended with a number of scouts taking the belay training.
  • The rock hike was very well attended with a total of 56 people on the hike. The value of the Rock-Climbing Leader Training was apparent with more trained people to set out the ropes. This allowed more time for trained people to oversee the activities.
  • The new Court of Honor format was very successful with the total time being held to 45 minutes, shorter than the one-hour goal. So far, comments we received have been positive regarding the new format. The format and suggested improvements are being written up for future reference.
  • Eight adults were certified in First Aid during the March 22 session. The certification is good for two years. Adults who are still interested can take the course given each month by the instructor we use at the Carson Community Center.

Summer Camp 2001

  • Emerald Bay is fully reserved and there are spots open at Chawanakee. We will be soliciting for adults to attend the camps within the next few months. We need several additional parents to go with the group to Chawanakee.

Long Term 2001

  • A subcommittee was formed to review the requirements, qualifications and makeup of the Long Term Groups. This revives the review program that the Troop used in the past with a great deal of success.

Other Discussion Items

  • The Troop needs additional patrol coordinators for new and existing patrols. We plan to hold a Patrol Coordinator training session in May.
  • The Troop will have perhaps 35 to 40 new scouts from the bridging Webelos over the next few months. New scouts that are not yet formed into patrols will attend both Blue and Green Group meetings (until they are assigned to a patrol within a specific group).
  • The application for a booth at the Home Town Fair has been sent in.
  • Suggestions/ideas for improving the Troop are always welcomed and should be directed to the Committee Chairman or Asst. Committee Chairman.

The next Troop Committee Meeting will be Thursday, May 3rd, 2001, at the School Hall, American Martyrs School at 7:30 PM.

[FYI - Please mark your calendars: The July committee meeting will be held on the second Thursday of July (7/12) instead of the first Thursday.]

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