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Troop Committee Minutes
July 12, 2001


The Quartermaster noted that there is a problem with the Troop equipment system. First, troop tents have been returned to the locker dirty and wet. The scouts that use the Troop tents are expected to insure the tents are clean, dry and properly repacked into the stuff sacks before returning them to the locker. Also, many of the scouts and adults are not returning Troop equipment to the locker in a timely manner after the hikes. Almost a month after the last hike, only one bear canister was in the locker and a number of tents remained checked out.

July Activities

  • There is one hike weekend, July 20-22. The hikes will be to Round Valley and to Fish Creek. Participants need to go on three training hikes as a prerequisite for Long Term. There was interest in setting up one additional training hike in early August for those needing a training hike to participate in the late August Long Term Hikes.
  • The Trans Sierra Long Term Hike arrangements and participants have been finalized. Tuesday July 24 will be pack inspection and stuffing for the departure the following weekend. The hike will be from Crescent Meadows in Sequoia National Park to Whitney Portal along the High Sierra Trail.

August Activities

  • Summer Camp will be August 12 to 18 for Chawanakee and Emerald Bay. The respective leaders are making details and travel arrangements. Emerald Bay is fully reserved with 30 scouts and there are spots open at Chawanakee where 32 scouts are signed up. The driver lists are being prepared to transport the scouts to the two summer camps. It was noted that summer camp participants are required to attend at least two Troop overnight activities (after joining the Troop) prior to attending summer camp.
  • The Long Term Hike details and participants are being firmed up for August 26 to September 1. There are two groups. One will begin at Silver Lake and end in Tuolume Meadows, and the Second group will begin at Tuolume Meadows and end at Silver Lake.

Eagle Candidates

  • The committee reviewed an Eagle Scout Candidate and approved his advancement to his Eagle Board of Review.
  • The Committee reviewed an Eagle Service Project scheduled for September 22-23 and approved the project.
  • The committee conceptually discussed the draft document describing the Troop's Eagle candidate requirements. The document is being revised and will be resubmitted to the committee for final comments.

Discussions of Past Events

  • There were two hike weekends, June 8-10 and June 22-24. The hikes on June 8-10 were to Valley Forge and to Trail Fork Springs. The hikes on June 22-24 were to Vivian Creek/High Creek and Icehouse Canyon/3 T's. A third hike was cancelled because of low turnout even though a number of people need training hikes to participate in Long Term. Long Term participants need to go on three training hikes as a prerequisite for Long Term.
  • Medical exam night on June 12 went very well.
  • The advancement day on Saturday, June 16, was successful with a number of scouts attending to work on their advancement.
  • We had an Eagle Court of Honor for Adam Young on Monday, June 25th at the O'Donnell Center. The ceremony went very well.
  • There was a Patrol Cookout meeting on June 26th at Hermosa Valley Park. The turnout and event was successful.

Long Term 2001/Backpacking Subcommittee

  • Sign-ups by scouts for the three long-term hikes have been good. It was noted that we would need additional adults on each of the hikes. We are shuffling the groups to accommodate everyone and to insure that our groups are equally strong.
  • The subcommittee has been formed to review the requirements, qualifications and makeup of the Long Term Groups. This revives the review program that the Troop used in the past with a great deal of success. If you are interested in serving on this subcommittee please contact Mike Vahey.

Other Discussion Items

  • The subcommittee formed to look into ways to improve the transition of new scouts and parents into the Troop made a report of its findings and recommendations. The key themes are to contact and communicate with the prospective bridging Webelos earlier in the year, and to not divide the new scouts into smaller patrols before the summer.
  • The application for a booth at the HomeTown Fair has been sent in. We have requested a Coke, Hot Dog or Hamburger Booth. We will receive word in August. The committee is seeking an adult to lead the Home Town Fair Booth.
  • We are investigating using the National Guard Armory on Bell Avenue as an occasional meeting site. The facility is large enough where the whole troop can meet.
  • Suggestions/ideas for improving the Troop are always welcomed and should be directed to the Committee Chairman or Asst. Committee Chairman.

The next Troop Committee Meeting will be Thursday, August 2nd, 2001, at the School Hall, American Martyrs School at 7:30 PM.

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