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  June 14, 2006

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The Scouting program provides many opportunities for you to learn skills and take part in terrific adventures. It also recognizes your achievements by awarding badges of rank. Each rank is more challenging than the one before it. Each prepares you to be a better camper, hiker, and Scout.

As you complete each requirement for a rank, get it signed off in your Scout handbook. Requirements may be signed by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster's, Troop Instructors, or Troop Guides. Scouts with First Class and above may also sign off requirements AFTER receiving Scoutmaster approval. (Parents are not permitted to sign off in their son's Scout Handbook. Likewise, siblings are not permitted to sign off in their brother's Scout Handbook.)

Note that it is up to you to demonstrate mastery of the requirement to one of the above people and have them sign it off. If you have any questions, ask your Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Senior Patrol Leader, or Scoutmaster. They will be glad to help you.


A Scout should earn a minimum of one rank during each twelve-month period beginning from his date of joining until he reaches First Class. After First Class, a Scout should earn a minimum of two Merit Badges in each twelve month period. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep informed of their son's advancement progress. If there are any questions, the parent or Scout should contact the Assistant Scoutmaster in charge of Advancement or the Scoutmaster. The troop maintains a current list of Merit Badge counselors that have been approved by the District.

Scoutmaster's Conference

A Scout who needs a Scoutmaster's conference must take the initiative to schedule it with the Scoutmaster. Scoutmaster's conferences will not normally be granted during a regular troop meeting due to the noise and confusion. Uniforms must be worn for the Scoutmaster conference.

Board of Review

A Board of Review can be held on Advancement & Greenbar evenings if the Scout requests it in advance or early enough in the evening. Uniforms MUST be worn and the Scout Handbook must be completely signed off, including the Scoutmaster's conference, before a Board of Review can be held.

Courts of Honor

Merit Badges, Ranks, and other special awards are recognized at a Court of Honor. There are normally two Courts per year (one in the Spring, the other in the Fall). Check the calendar for the exact dates. These are important family events, and all family members are welcome. Courts are planned as a social event for the entire family where the Scout gets recognized for his work.

A Note to Parents

Has your Scout's progress on rank advancement been a little slow lately? Does he seem to be bogged down and a little unmotivated? Many Scouts go through these slow phases. One suggestion for getting him off the dime is for him to attend an Eagle Court of Honor. Seeing the proof that the Eagle Rank can be obtained, along with our troop's stirring ceremony, sometimes serves to motivate the younger Scouts into rank advancement action.

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