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  July 18, 2022

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About Us

The objective and purpose of the Boy Scouts program is to build character, foster citizenship, promote fitness, and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Within that framework, our troop's objectives are to:

  • Provide a safe and fun program
  • Provide a quality Scouting program, with the main focus on backpacking and other outdoor activities
  • Develop boys into young adults that understand and live by the principles of Scouting
  • Teach the boys skills that will serve them and their community

Troop 849 has historically focused on backpacking and outdoor activities since it was founded in the mid-1950s. Currently, the troop has a diverse program of outdoor activites including hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, snow skiing, surfing, fishing, and shooting. The troop is one of the largest in the LA area with Scouts ranging from sixth graders to Scouts approaching their eighteenth birthday. Many of our Scouts continue participation in the troop after their eighteenth birthday as adult volunteers.

The troop meetings are at 7:00 PM, Tuesday nights, at the Manhattan Beach Scout House next to Joslyn Center. We publish a calendar of meetings and activities that is available in the Scout House, or here on our website. Our website contains a lot of useful information for both old and new alike.

The Scouts are organized into patrols of about 8 Scouts with a mix of age. We believe that the patrols with a mix of ages and ranks provide the Scouts with leadership opportunities and positive role models for the younger Scouts. Each patrol elects a Patrol Leader (PL) and Assistant Patrol leader (APL) that form the backbone of the troop's youth leadership corps. The patrols are the foundation of the troop organization, with most activities based upon participation by patrol. Each patrol has at least one adult Patrol Coordinator as an advisor.

The troop is fortunate to have an experienced Scoutmaster and many Assistant Scoutmasters. The Scoutmaster is responsible for the Scout program that is led by the youth leadership. Twice a year, the troop elects a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who in turn chooses his Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL). The troop adult leadership is based on the Troop Committee which provides the structure for the program and is the vehicle for parent feedback.

The troop's sponsoring organization is the Rotary International of Manhattan Beach Club. The Troop Committee meets once a month to plan and review the activities of the troop and to establish troop policies. All parents are encouraged to attend Troop Committee meetings.

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