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  May 10, 2017

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We welcome comments or suggestions. Please let us know what is on your mind.

By Email

 Contact Email address
Join the Troop Mr. Furth joinup@troop849.org
Registration Mrs. Istock/Mr. Franz registration@troop849.org
Advancement Mrs. Istock advancement@troop849.org
Scoutmaster Mr. Franz scoutmaster@troop849.org
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Reeley reeley@troop849.org
Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Tauber tauber@troop849.org
Committee chairman Mr. Furth chairman@troop849.org
Treasurer Mr. Lilligren treasurer@troop849.org
Buy Troop 849 activity t-shirts Mrs. Istock activityshirts@troop849.org
Eagle Scout coordinator Mr. Hoesly eaglecoordinator@troop849.org
Activity reports Mr. Thorpe reports@troop849.org
Website Mr. Thorpe webhelp@troop849.org
email list Mr. Thorpe webhelp@troop849.org
Topo CD requests Mr. Thorpe Only available to troop members,
contact Mr. Thorpe in person

By Phone And By Mail

Phone and mailing addresses are not on this website. They are only available on the printed troop roster.

In Person

Regular troop meetings are every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm at the Manhattan Beach Scouthouse. The Scouthouse is located just north of Joslyn Community Center (1601 Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach, CA) and just south of the baseball diamond in Live Oak Park. (Get a map and directions.) There are exceptions to the every Tuesday rule so check the calendar first to make sure there is a meeting.

Troop Committee meetings are generally the last Monday of the month at 7:30 pm at American Martyrs Church, 624 15th Street, Manhattan Beach. The exact meeting room varies from month to month between the School Hall, Parish House, Brigid and Brendan Rooms, and Blessed Kateri Room. Again, check the calendar first.

Unsolicited Communications From Us

We don't plan to bug you. Be very skeptical about any unsolicited communications you receive claiming to be from Troop 849. Be especially suspicious if you are asked for money or private information. If you get any such communications, please let us know.

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