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  February 18, 2023

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Every year the troop goes on a week long backpacking trip in the Sierra Mountains. This trip is by invitation of the Long-term Hikemaster and is open to all active Scouts and adults in the troop.

Eligibility Requirements

You will be spending a week in the wilderness living and working with others as a group. The enjoyment of the trip for all participants as well as their safety depend on how the group functions as a unit. Therefore, everyone, both Scouts and adults, must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must demonstrate to the Long-term leadership that you are emotionally mature and trustworthy.
  2. You must truly want to go on Long-term and not be coerced into going by others.
  3. You must be willing to work for the good of the group as demonstrated by your behavior and attitude in troop meetings and outings.
  4. Scouts must be at least Second class at the time of their first Long-term. Scouts must be at least First class for subsequent Long-terms.
  5. Scouts must be at least 12 years old; it is recommended that they be 13 or older. This is also a requirement of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council High Adventure Team in order to receive their Long-term awards.
  6. Three designated Troop 849 "Long-term" training hikes are required during the 3 month period preceding the Long-term. (Two of these will be at least 7 backpack hour hikes.)
    Note: On your second and subsequent Long-term, at the discretion of the long-term leadership, this requirement can be reduced to two 7 backpack hour training hikes.
  7. You must participate in the training hike peak climbs as they are a good way to assess your physical and emotional readiness to go on Long-term. (Note that peak climbs on the Long-term hike itself are optional.)
  8. The training hikes are the time to experiment with equipment and clothing. New equipment and new clothing, especially boots, must be evaluated and broken in before Long-term. Leave for Long-term with no doubt that you are prepared!
  9. You must have a current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record certifying that you are physically fit. The forms can be completed by any doctor and are good for one year.
  10. You must participate in the pre-hike activities (pack inspection, food packing, and food stuffing).

Deviation from any of these troop requirements requires approval in advance from the Troop Committee chair.

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Application can be made by submitting a signed application and paying the deposits.


Final selection of Long-term attendees will be made by the Hikemaster and the Long-term leadership.

Pre-hike Activities

Once invited to go on Long-term, attendance at the following preparation activities are required. See the troop calendar for dates.

  • Pack inspection - typically a week or so before Long-term.
  • Food packing - typically a Saturday morning just before Long-term.
  • Food stuffing - typically just before Long-term.


If the hike becomes impacted, then priority is given first to Scouts in order of application, then to their parents, and lastly to other adults.

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