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  January 13, 2007

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Signing Up

A sign-up list will be circulated during regular troop meetings preceding the hike. Only people on the sign-up list can go on the hike. If you have to cancel, please notify either the person in charge of the hike or the Scoutmaster as soon as possible. Food is generally bought the night before the hike. If you do not cancel by that time, you will be responsible for paying the food fee.


The troop has the following equipment which can be checked out:

  • Tents - The troop has good three-season tents. Two Scouts share a troop tent, saving weight and backpack space. This is strongly recommended.
  • Backpacks - Eventually you will want your own backpack. But until then feel free to check out a troop backpack.

The troop will supply the following for all backpacking hikes:

  • Stoves and fuel
  • Cook kits (pots and pans)
  • Frying pan (if needed)
  • Large water bottles for cooking
  • Water purifying supplies
  • Group first aid kit (this is in addition to the personal first aid kit)
  • Bear canisters
  • Trowels

All other items are the Scout's responsibility. See the Weekend Hike Personal Equipment Checklist.


Weekend hikes start at the Scout House. Check the Current Calendar for the time.

If it is a Friday night departure, either eat dinner before going to the Scout House or bring a sack dinner to eat on the way. A late evening snack is optional.

If it is a Saturday morning departure, eat breakfast before going to the Scout House. Bring a sack lunch to eat on the trail (no sodas, please).


Hike fees are assessed to make the hike self-supporting. They cover food, camping fees, and driving expenses (gas). When arriving at the Scout House, please pay with exact change or a check made out to Troop 849.

Also bring some lunch money since we usually stop for a fast food lunch on the way home.


Upon return to town, you will be dropped off at your house.

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