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  February 8, 2023

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HomeHome page
Mailing ListPurpose, How to subscribe, How to unsubscribe, Posting a message to this list, Mailing list etiquette, Who to contact, Technical stuff
HistoryActivities, Summer Camp, Court of Honor, Scout House, Sponsoring organization
FacilitiesFacilities the troop uses on a regular basis
Troop CommitteeWho we are, When & where, Typical agenda
FormsOfficial BSA forms, Troop 849 forms
Cool SitesCool Scouting websites around Los Angeles and the U.S.
NavigationA quick course in how to navigate our site
About UsA little bit about Troop 849
Contact UsHow to get in contact with us

New Members

Before You JoinThe trail ahead in Boy Scouts
TransitioningMaking the transition from Cub Scouts to the Boy Scout program offered by Troop 849
Welcome ScoutWelcome message, Backpacking equipment, Expectations, A word on behavior
Welcome ParentWelcome message, First step, Second step, Troop meetings, Courts of Honor, Activities, Fund raisers, Backpacking equipment, Camperships, Printed information, Your commitment
Shopping ListUniform, Insignia, Handbooks, Local shops
UniformsUniforms, What to wear and when, Patch placement, Uniform closet
FinancialActivity Fees, Fund raisers, Camperships


GeneralGeneral comments about the calendar
Current CalendarThe latest calendar from the last update until the end of the year
2007 CalendarThe calendar for the entire 2007 calendar year
Calendar ChangesThe last 50 changes to the calendar
NewslettersA few of the most recent newsletters

Scout Pages

GeneralGet involved
Senior Patrol LeadersSenior Patrol Leader Honor Roll
Eagle ScoutsEagle Scout Honor Roll


GeneralExpectations, Scoutmaster's conference, Board of Review, Court of Honor
Board of ReviewPurpose, Composition of a Board, the Process, Sample questions for each rank
Merit BadgesEarning a Merit Badge, Merit Badge requirements
Eagle Candidate InfoWhat every Eagle candidate should know
Order of ArrowPurpose, History, Membership, Eligibility, Induction, Brotherhood membership, Vigil Honor, Lodges

Backpacking - Weekend

GeneralDeparting, Cost, Returning
First HikeThings you should know before going on your first backpacking hike with the troop
Weekend ChecklistChecklist of everything you will need for a weekend backpacking hike
Equipment GuideA description of each item on the Weekend Checklist, what it is for, and what to look for when buying it
First Aid KitA list of everything you'll want in your personal first aid kit
Prohibited ItemsDon't bring these!
Trail EtiquetteEverything you wanted to know about hiking on mountain trails.

Backpacking - Advanced

Trail TipsTrail tips for the advanced hiker
Brag RagHow to make a brag rag to proudly display your patches
Winter ChecklistChecklist of everything you will need for a backpacking hike in the winter

Backpacking - Longterm

GeneralIntroduction, Eligibility requirements, Selection, Pre-hike activities, Priority
ChecklistChecklist of everything you will need for a longterm hike
Prior LongtermsWhere we've gone in past years and the peaks we've climbed
JournalsPersonal journals from various longterms

Hikemaster - Weekend

GeneralA description of what is in this section
ReservationsHow to get wilderness permit reservations
Weekend Hikemaster's Handbook Introduction | Locations | Permits | Equipment | Food | Travel | Cost Checklist
IodineIodine purification notes
GracesSelected prayers and graces that are especially appropriate on Longterms hikes

Hikemaster - Longterm

GeneralA description of what is in this section
Longterm Hikemaster's Handbook Introduction | Locations | Permits | Equipment | Food | Travel | Cost Checklist
ShowersPlaces to get a shower after longterm
BanquetPlaces to eat after longterm

Summer Camp

GeneralWhere we are going
GuidelinesExperience, Special Need Scouts, Medication, Spending Money
ChecklistChecklist of everything you will need for summer camp

Special Awards

GeneralA summary of each award
Trail SaverRequirements
Peak BaggerRequirements, Substitutions, Approved peaks, Rating system, The fine print
Mini-Peak BaggerRequirements, Approved peaks, Rating system, The fine print
7 League BootRequirements, The fine print
Night CamperRequirements, The fine print
BackpackerRequirements, The fine print, Advanced Backpacker


Arrow of Light Presentation of the Arrow of Light award
BridgingA transition ceremony where the Scout leaves Cub Scouting and joins Boy Scouting
Eagle Court ChecklistA list of what the troop members need to do to put on an Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle's Family ChecklistA list of what the Eagle family needs to do to for the Eagle Court of Honor
Trail of the Eagle Ceremony | Voice of the Eagle Script | Eagle Honor Guard | Eagle Charge | Eagle Promise
Flag RetirementA fully-scripted flag retirement ceremony
Simplified Flag RetirementSame as above but simplified to make it shorter

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