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  May 1, 2011

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Troop 849 - An Adventure Oriented Experience

Welcome! This section of our website is designed especially for prospective and new members.

Prospective Members

We have a flyer that describes the entire transition to Boy Scouting from Webelos and introduces Troop 849, its focus, objectives and requirements.

Most of the flyer is also available online in various forms. Of particular interest is the before you join page. If your son decides to join Troop 849, the transitioning page will help you through the sequence of events.

New Members

Key events are highlighted on our troop calendar. The latest newsletters are kept here.


Once you decide to join us, check out the Welcome Scout page for tips on getting started with our troop. We also have a document to help you get started backpacking. It is called "Your First Hike". Check it before your first backpacking hike with the troop. You can also download this document.


Parents should check out the Welcome Parent page for a wealth of useful information, including what needs to be done right away.

A shopping list should take some of the confusion out of that first trip to the Scout shop. Other pages describe uniform requirements and where all of the insignia are to be placed.

Lastly, a few financial matters are discussed on the financial page.

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