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  January 27, 2007

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"There are only two things wrong with hiking with the Scouts -
they start out too fast, and they keep it up all day!"
Bill Dixon


A week long backpacking trip present it's own challenges. Included in this section are resources for the hike leader.

Hikemaster's Handbook - A compilation of notes on how to plan and execute a successful longterm. This handbook is also available in pdf and hardcopy forms.

Reservations - A starting point for when and where to apply for Wilderness Permits.

Shower facilities - A list of public showers that have been used by the troop. Both the east and west sides of the Sierra's are included.

Banquet facilities - A list of restaurants that have been used by the troop. Both the east and west sides of the Sierra's are included.

In addition, there are two resources in the Weekend Hikemaster's section that are of interest to the hike leader.

Iodine - A handy iodine purification table.

Graces - The small compilation of prayers and graces that seem quite appropriate when living in the outdoors.

Additional Information

The troop has two CDs with all of the planning materials and documentation required for a typical Longterm. One CD covers the 2005 Longterm to Pioneer Basin. The other CD covers the 2006 Longterm on the Silver Moccasins Trail in Sequoia National Park. Due to the personal nature of the information on these CDs, distribution is limited to select troop members. Contact us if you are interested in a copy.

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