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  June 14, 2006

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Merit Badges

Earning a Merit Badge

  1. Choose a subject you like.
  2. Get a signed blue Merit Badge card from your Scoutmaster.
  3. Get the Merit Badge pamphlet on your subject. Most pamphlets can be borrowed from the Scout locker.
  4. Find a counselor. Counselors for the more common Merit Badges are available through the troop. Others can be found on a list of district-approved Merit Badge counselors that is kept in the Scout locker.
  5. Contact the Merit Badge counselor and explain that you would like to earn the badge. You may need to meet with the counselor. If you do, bring a buddy. Scouts must never go alone to meet with a Merit Badge counselor. Your buddy can be another Scout, your parents or guardian, a brother or sister, a relative or a friend.
  6. Learn and do the things that the pamphlet explains.
  7. Meet with your counselor again (take your buddy). He will spend some time with you and go over the important points of the subject. If he is satisfied that you have met the requirements, he will sign the blue card.
  8. Give the signed blue card to your Scoutmaster. He will give you back one part for your records.
Keep your portion of the blue card in a safe spot. YOU WILL NEED IT TO BE AN EAGLE SCOUT!

Merit Badge Requirements

Merit Badge requirements can be found at several sites on the web. For a no-nonsense listing of Merit Badge requirements, try the U.S. Scouting Service Project.

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