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  June 14, 1998

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Many High Adventure Awards are available from the Western Region of the BSA to recognize various achievements. The following awards are regularly earned by members of the troop.

Unless otherwise noted, these awards can be earned by all registered members of the troop. Only requirements of interest to the recipient are summarized here.
Trail Saver
The Trail Saver program is designed to encourage participation in the creation and maintenance of local trails.
Peak Bagger
The Peak Bagger program is designed to stimulate a greater appreciation of the wilderness, while experiencing the beauty, peace and majesty of the mountains. Each peak has been carefully selected so that a variety of locations may be reached by backpacking rather than requiring the use of mountaineering skills.
Mini-Peak Bagger
The Mini-Peak Bagger program is offered to acquaint you with backcountry experiences that include elements of backpacking, mountaineering, and conservation work. Most of the peaks are within easy reach for one-day outings.
7 League Boot
The 7 League Boot program is designed to encourage overnight backpacking and exploration of the backcountry.
Night Camper
The Night Camper program is designed to encourage camping in a tent.
Backpacker and Advanced Backpacker
The Backpacker program recognizes a commitment to backpacking and trail conservation.

Displaying Awards

All Trail Saver, Peak Bagger, Mini-Peak Bagger, 7 League Boot (including mileage segments), and Night Camper awards can be displayed on your pack or brag rag. These awards may NOT be worn on your uniform.

Only one 20, 40, 60, or 80 Night Camper award can be displayed at a time. Any number of 100 Night Camper awards can be displayed along with one subsequent award.

The Backpacker or Advanced Backpacker award can be displayed on the right pocket of your uniform, on your pack, or on your brag rag.


All award programs are sponsored by the High Adventure Teams of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council or Orange County Council. The complete list of all requirements is available through them.

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