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Longterm Personal Equipment Checklist

On Scout When Leaving or Returning
___Scout shirt (wear to trailhead, banquet, & return)
___Shorts or long pants (not for trail)
___Socks and shoes
___Sack lunch/dinner
___Bag (for showers after hike) containing:
___Clean clothes
___Shaving gear (adults)

To Be Worn Leaving Trailhead
___Shorts or long pants
___2 pair socks (1 thin inner & 1 thick outer)
___Hiking boots (lug sole required)
___Wide brim hat or cap with brim
NOTE: The above are to be carried in a paper sack to the trailhead with the Scout.

Back Pack Equipment
___Pack frame, pack, belly band, with attached sleeping bag straps
___Brag rag (if you want a patch)
___Sleeping bag in stuff sack (rated to +20 deg F)
___Closed cell foam pad (blue foam or Ridge Rest)
___50 ft. of 1/8" nylon cord
___Small day pack (for peak climbs)
___Large plastic trash bag (for pack cover) (will be supplied)
___1/2 share: tent, rain fly, poles & stakes (will be supplied)

Eating Gear (marked with name or initials)
___Spoon and/or fork
___Plastic bowl
___Cup (plastic or Sierra)

Toilet Kit
___Soap & lightweight towel
___Toothbrush & paste
___5 Kleenex packets for toilet tissue
___Plastic wash basin (bottom of gallon water, milk, or bleach bottle)
___Sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum)
___Chap Stick or Blistex
___Insect repellent (in summer)
___Laundry power (1/2 cup) or soap
___6 medium-large safety pins
Ten Essentials
1___Compass (liquid filled type)
2___Map of area (will be supplied)
3___Flashlight (Mini Maglite AA™ or 2 cell AA or C size)
___Spare bulb & batteries (2 sets if AA)
4___Sun glasses
5___Matches in waterproof case and 3" long candle
6___Personal first aid kit including the following:
___Personal prescription medications (10 day supply)
___10 pain relievers (aspirin, Tylenol®, etc.)
___10 assorted adhesive bandages (Band-Aids®, etc.)
___Moleskin (6 square inches)
___3 sterile gauze compresses (3"x3")
___Cotton adhesive tape (1" wide roll)
___Antibiotic ointment (1 small tube of about 1/8 oz.)
___Elastic bandage (Ace type, 2" wide roll)
___1" roller bandage (5' to 6' strip of clean cloth)
___Triangular bandage (30" on the short side)
___6 to 8 butterfly bandages
___3 cotton balls
7___Pocket knife
8___Trail snacks
9___Wide mouth plastic quart bottle with marks every 4 oz. (marked with name)
___Extra water bottle (marked with name)
___Iodine purification bottle
10___Jacket (see below)
___Storm shelter

Additional Clothing in Pack
___Nylon windbreaker
___Warm jacket, or sweater and jacket
___Full rain suit or poncho with rain pants or chaps
___Long sleeved shirt (cotton)
___1 T-Shirt
___Long trousers, light weight
___Undershorts, 1 pair
___2 pair socks (1 thin inner & 1 wool outer)
___Watch cap or ski cap
___Mosquito head net

___2 large zip lock bags for trash
___Pad of paper or small spiral notebook

___Tennis shoes or "Aqua Socks"
___Additional pairs of socks
___Gloves or mittens
___Fishing gear & aluminum foil
___Hiking stick

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