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  March 6, 1999

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Personal First Aid Kit

Weekend Hike

*__Personal prescription medications (3 day supply) An adult leader must know the following about each medication:
  1. What is it and what is it for?
  2. How and when is it to be taken?
  3. What are its reactions with other things (i.e. dairy products or elevation effects)?
  4. What are the possible side effects or danger signs to watch for and what actions to take if necessary?
*__10 pain relievers (whatever you prefer; i.e. aspirin, Tylenol®, etc.)
*__10 assorted adhesive bandages (Band-Aids®, etc.)
__Moleskin (6 square inches)
__3 sterile gauze compresses (3" X 3")
__Cotton adhesive tape (1" wide roll)
* Minimum required for your first hike

Additional for Longterm

 __Additional personal prescription medications for up to 10 days
__Antibiotic ointment (1 small tube of about 1/8 oz.)
__Elastic bandage (Ace type, 2" wide roll)
__1" roller bandage (prefer 5' to 6' strip of clean cloth material)
__Triangular bandage (homemade from old sheet with 30" on the short side)
__6 to 8 butterfly bandages
__3 cotton balls

Optional (bring these if you need them)

 __Molefoam (6 square inches)
__Small folding scissors (used to cut Moleskin, etc.)
__Nail clippers
__Needle and thread

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