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Last Updated:
  Jun 8, 2024

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Current Calendar

Jun 8Sat9:00 AMFingerprinting Merit Badge DayWollwage
Jun 11Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Jun 15-16Sat-SunTBDWhitewater Rafting - Kern RiverMitchell
Jun 18Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Jun 19Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Jun 21-23Fri-SunTBDLong-term Training Hike** - Location TBD???
Jun 25Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Jun 27Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Jun 28Fri6:00 PMEagle Court of Honor - Joslyn CenterRyan Skolarus/Aanav Patel/Kyle Fukumoto
Jul 1Mon7:00 PMSpring Court of Honor - Joslyn Center
Jul 2Tue7:00 PMSummer Camp Prep Meeting - Attendees only
Jul """Uniform Inspection
Jul 6-15Sat-MonTBDLong-term Hike - Rae Lakes Loop???
Jul 7-13Sun-SatTBDSummer Camp - Emerald Bay???
Jul 9Tue7:00 PMSummer Break - No meeting
Jul 16Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Jul 17Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Jul 23Tue-Troop Meeting
Jul 25Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Jul 29-9Mon-FriTBDNorthern Tier Trip - MinnesotaMitchell
Jul 30Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 6Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 10-11Sat-SunTBDEasy Training Hike* - Location TBD???
Aug 13Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 20Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 21Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Aug 24Sat9:00 AMMerit Badge DayWollwage
Aug 27Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 29Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Sep 3Tue6:00 PMCooking Competition - Hermosa Valley Park Fire Pit
Sep 10Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Sep """Re-registration fee duePham
Sep 14-15Sat-SunTBDMountain Bike Trip - Location TBD???
Sep 17Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Sep 18Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Sep 21SatTBD150 Eagle Celebration???
Sep 24Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Sep 26Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Sep 28Sat9:00 AMMerit Badge DayWollwage
Oct 1Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 4Fri7:00 PMBooth Setup???
Oct 5Sat9:30 AMOld Home Town Fair - ParadeWollwage
Oct 5-6Sat-SunAll DayOld Home Town Fair - TBD Booth???
Oct 8Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 15Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 16Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Oct 19-20Sat-SunTBDOvernight Hike* - Location TBD???
Oct 22Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 24Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Oct """2025 CalendarCommittee
Oct 26-27Sat-Sun8:00 AMWilderness and Remote First AidGLAAC HAT
Oct 26Sat9:00 AMMerit Badge DayWollwage
Oct 29Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Nov 5Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Nov 6Wed10:30 AMVeterans Day Ceremony - Joslyn Center
Nov 9-10Sat-SunTBDWeekend Event - Location TBD???
Nov 12Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Nov 16Sat9:00 AMMerit Badge DayWollwage
Nov 19Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Nov 20Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Nov 21Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Nov """2025 CalendarCommittee
Nov 26Tue-No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec 3Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Dec 10Tue7:00 PMTroop Meeting
Dec 17Tue-Troop Meeting - Game Night
Dec 18Wed7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Dec 24Tue-No meeting - Happy Holidays!
Dec 31Tue-No meeting - Happy Holidays!

* Easier hike. Suitable for all backpackers.

** Moderate hike. 7 backpack hour minimum. Counts towards long-term requirement if within 90 days of long-term.

*** Difficult hike. Check with the hike leader for details.

  1. Patrol leader council meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 at the Scouthouse.
  2. Troop Comittee meetings are usually the last Thursday of the month (except December) via Zoom at 7:30pm.
  3. District Roundtable is the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.
  4. OA Chapter meetings are the second Wednesday of the month.

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