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  May 26, 2020

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2020 Summary

MonthThemeMajor Activity
JanuaryArtRocket Hike
FebruaryFirst AidWinter Event
MarchWinter SportsSki Day
JuneFishingDay Fishing Trip
JulyWater SportsSailing Day
AugustSurvivalWilderness Survival Camp
SeptemberCookingBike Trip
OctoberBikingRock Climbing
NovemberClimbingDesert Hike
DecemberCitizenship in the CommunityNight Hike

Current Calendar

May 26Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
May 28Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Jun 2Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
Jun 4Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Jun 6Sat8:00 AMNational Trail DaysForest Service
Jun 9Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
Jun 13-14Sat-SunTBAEasy Training Hike* - Little JimmyFranz
Jun 14Sun3:00 PMEagle Court of Honor - Location TBD
Jun 16Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
Jun 20SatTBADay Fishing Trip - Location TBDFranz
Jun 23Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
Jun 25Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - ZoomFurth
Jun 26-27Fri-SatTBATraining Hike** - Trail Fork SpringsReeley
Jun 29Mon7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting - Zoom
Jun 30Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Zoom
Jul 2Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Jul 7Tue6:00 PMOutdoor Cooking - El Nido ParkFranz
Jul 11-18Sat-SatTBALong-Term Hike - Rae Lakes LoopReeley
Jul 14Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Jul 18SatTBASailing DayFranz
Jul 21Tue7:30 PMChawanakee Prep Meeting - Attendees only
Jul """Uniform Inspection
Jul 23Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - Dr. Siegel's HouseFurth
Jul 26-1Sun-Sat7:00 AMSummer Camp - ChawanakeeFranz
Jul 26-9Sun-SunTBALong-Term Hike - PhilmontWollwage
Jul 28Tue-Summer Break - No meeting
Aug 4Tue-Summer Break - No meeting
Aug 6Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Aug 11Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 18Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 22-23Sat-SunTBAWilderness Survival Camp - Location TBDFranz
Aug 25Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Aug 27Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - Dr. Siegel's HouseFurth
Sep 1Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Sep 3Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Sep 8Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Sep 12-13Sat-SunTBABike Trip - CabrilloTyler/Tuck-Sherman
Sep 15Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Sep 19Sat9:00 AMCoastal Cleanup - Manhattan BeachWollwage
Sep 22Tue7:30 PMCourt of Honor - O'Donnell HallFukumoto
Sep 24Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - Dr. Siegel's HouseFurth
Sep 26Sat8:00 AMRifle Shooting/Archery/Tomahawks - FirestoneReeley
Sep 28Mon7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Sep 29Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 1Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Oct 2Fri7:00 PMBooth SetupPidd
Oct 3Sat9:30 AMOld Home Town Fair - ParadeReeley
Oct 3-4Sat-SunAll DayOld Home Town Fair - TBD BoothPidd
Oct 6Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 10-11Sat-Sun8:00 AMMountain Bike Trip - Sycamore CanyonSkolarus/Tuck-Sherman
Oct 13Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 20Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 23-25Fri-SunTBARock Climb - Joshua TreeSchnuckel
Oct 26Mon7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Oct 27Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Oct 29Thu7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - Dr. Siegel's HouseFurth
Oct """2021 CalendarThorpe et al.
Nov 3Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Nov """2021 Renewal Fee Due
Nov 5Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Nov 7-8Sat-SunTBADesert Hike* - Location TBDFranz
Nov 10Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Nov 11Wed10:30 AMVeterans Day Ceremony - Joslyn CenterAmes
Nov 14Sat7:45 AMShotgun Shooting Merit Badge - Santa ClaritaAndreas/Reeley
Nov 17Tue-Troop Meeting
Nov 24Tue7:30 PMNo meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 30Mon7:00 PMPatrol Leader Council Meeting
Dec 1Tue7:30 PMHike Preparation - Attendees only
Dec 3Thu6:00 PMNeighbor to Neighbor - Church of the BrethrenTauber
Dec ""7:30 PMTroop Committee Meeting - Dr. Siegel's HouseFurth
Dec """2021 CalendarThorpe et al.
Dec 4-6Fri-Sun6:00 PMNight Hike* - Henninger FlatsFranz
Dec 8Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting
Dec 15Tue7:30 PMTroop Meeting - Fun Night
Dec 22Tue-No meeting - Happy Holidays!
Dec 29Tue-No meeting - Happy Holidays!

* Easier hike. Suitable for all backpackers.

** Moderate hike. 7 backpack hour minimum. Counts towards longterm requirement if within 90 days of longterm.

*** Difficult hike. Check with the hike leader for details.

  1. The patrol leader council usually meets the last Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.
  2. The Troop Committee meets the last Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at American Martyrs Church.
  3. OA Chapter meetings are the second Wednesday of the month.
  4. District Roundtable is the second Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Redondo Elks Lodge, 315 Esplanade, R.B.
  5. Neighbor to Neighbor is the first Thurday at 6:00 pm at the Church of the Brethren, 2761 W 190th St., R.B.

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