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  March 15, 2023

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Senior Patrol Leader Honor Roll

2023Enzo Ames
2022Tate Dabney
2021Marty Hannon
2021Kyle Fukumoto
2020Jack Wollwage
2020Will Reel
2019Tim Pidd
2019Jack Cooperman
2018Jaden Levin
2018Shane Grady
2017Ben Franz
2016Rohil Dave
2016CJ Sulham
2015Steve Shoemaker
2014Tanner Yamada
2013Evan Suarez
2012Bram Osterhout
2011Andrew Karnes
2011Matt Faustgen
2010Michael Hadley
2010Tanner Bernard
2009Kyle Slazman
2009Chris Bickel
2008Ryland Miller
2007Ryan Hadley
2006Tim Breen
2005Sam Mullin
2005Mark Harrington
2003Trent Ketterer (green group)
2003Robert Lesniowski (blue group)
2003Ryan Williams (green group)
2003Matt Reeley (blue group)
2002Kyle Filarsky (green group)
2002Matt Karatsu (blue group)
2001Alex Rawling (green group)
2001Jino Del Monte (blue group)
2001Brett Erilane (green group)
2001Ryan Ono (blue group)
2000Jonathan Noda (green group)
2000Bryce Bommer (blue group)
1999Michael Messer
1998Ryan Powell
1997Quinn Ryan
1996Matt McLellan
1995Scott Whinfrey
1995Jim Lamb
1994Johnathan Maynard
1994David Milam
1993Donald McLellan
1991Matt Harris
1990Scott Maynard
1990Tom Card
1986Tim Miller
1985Curt Havel
1984Rick Maynard
1984Eric Schipper
1983Alan Dixon
1982Terry Johnson
1981Steve Cole
1980Chris Miller
1980Jeff Waters
1978Paul Fritz
1978Paul Miller
1978Paul Renyer
1977Tom Fountain
1976David DePolo
1974Jim Newcomb
1971Andrew Berks
1971Phil Pattee
1967Chris Browne
1966Chris Gantner
1965Ken Casey
1964Stephen Wilder
1962Tim Wilder

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