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  June 7, 1999

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Summer Camp Checklist

Paperwork (turn in 2 weeks before camp)
___Signed Medical Release form
___Signed Health History/Authorization form
___Signed Firearms Consent form
___Merit Badge Prerequisite form(s)

Clothing (label all clothes and items with name & Troop 849)
___Full Class A Scout uniform
___OA Sash (if member)
___Hanger for uniform
___Plastic bag to cover uniform
___Wide brim hat or cap with brim
___Warm jacket, or sweater and jacket
___T-Shirts (at least 4)
___Short pants (at least 2)
___Long pants
___Underwear, 6 days
___Socks (at least 3 pair)
___Watch cap or ski cap
___Poncho/rain gear
___Hiking boots & heavy socks
___Walking shoes or gym shoes
___Swimming trunks and beach towel
___Old tennis shoes for swimming
___Laundry bag
___Duffle bag

Camping Gear
___Sleeping bag
___Air mattress or closed cell foam pad
___Ground cloth
___Day pack

Ten Essentials less one
1___Compass (liquid filled type)
2___Map of area (will be supplied)
3___Flashlight, spare bulb & batteries
4___Sun glasses
5___<do not bring matches>
6___Personal first aid kit
7___Pocket knife
9___Wide mouth plastic quart bottle
Toilet Kit
___Toothbrush & paste
___Comb & small mirror
___Soap in case
___Bath towel/wash cloth
___Prescription medications
___Insect repellent
___Sewing kit
___Clothes line and pins
___Shaving gear (if needed)

___Scout Handbook (if not First class)
___Merit badge pamphlets
___Pencil/pen and notebook
___Sending money ($25 - $35 in $1 bills)

Depending on camp
___Fishing gear
___Climbing gear
___Mountain bike, helmet, and lock
___Kneeling pad (for canoes)
___Mask, snorkel, swim fins
___Water socks/sandals (for swimming)
___Scout knife (if have Totin' Chip card)
___Plastic bowl
___Fork & spoon
___Drinking cup

___Sack lunch (Sunday dinner is late)
___Troop 849 activity shirt(s)
___Scout pants with Scout socks
___Camera and film (disposable is nice)
___Stationary & stamps (prestamped postcards are nice)
___Inexpensive clock or watch

Do NOT bring the following

JewelryWalkmanFire armsLarge knives
MagazinesVideo gamesAmmunitionSheath knives
Playing cardsRadios/TVsFireworksSwitch blades
Comic booksTape recordersMatchesGang paraphernalia
PornographyFootlockersAlcoholFish spears/spear guns
Backpack framesIllegal substances

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