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  December 15, 2014

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The troop has reserved the Manhattan Beach Scout House every Tuesday evening for the regular troop meetings. In addition, the troop rents the Sunset Room in Joslyn Center for use during the regular troop meetings. (The Sunset Room is the one closest to the Scout House.)

Facility Reservations

The Scout House can be reserved for other times if it is available. The Sunset Room can also be rented at other times if it is available. The Sunrise room can be rented if additional space is needed during the Scout meetings.

Reservations are required at all times to use any part of the Joslyn Center or the Scout House, including the grass area in front.

Reservations need to be made in at least 10 days in advance. Contact the Troop Treasurer who will check on the availability and make and pay for the reservation for you. If he doesn't get back to you within 48 hours from your request please make a follow-up contact. Do not assume you have the facility without confirmation from the Treasurer.

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