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Last Updated:
  February 18, 2023

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Table of Contents

Medical/Advancement Forms

BSA Health and Medical Record

These forms and insurance card must be on file with the troop before the Scout or adult can participate in activities such as backpacking trips and summer camp. Filled out annually, usually just before Medical Night.

Original plus 2 copies for anyone going to summer camp.
Original plus 1 copy for everyone else.

Rank Advancement (Blue sheet)

The following form is to be filled out by each Scout before each rank advancement. Its purpose is to insure that the Scout is ready for the next rank. Copies of this sheet are available in the Scout locker door.

Board of Review Questions

If you are asked to sit on a Board of Review you might wonder what questions would be appropriate to ask. Here are some sample questions for each rank. Laminated copies of each rank should be available in the Scout locker.


Activity Related Forms

Troop Activity Report

A record of each troop activity needs to be kept so the Scouts can receive all of the awards that they are entitled to. The following forms have been generated by the troop to help simplify this process. The adult leader of the activity needs to insure that these forms are filled out in a timely manner.

Medical Authorization (Yellow card)

The following form is to be carried by all Scouts on all outings at all times (unless a parent is present). Copies of these cards are available in the Scout locker door.

Print on 8-1/2"x11" yellow card stock. (Portrait mode scaled 100%.) Each sheet makes six cards. Both jpg and pdf versions are available.

Original source with only one card per page.


Reimbursement Request

Item Reimbursement Request

If you are seeking reimbursment for a specific item that you purchased for the troop then use this form. If the expense is for an activity then use the Activity Cost Summary shown below.

Activity Cost Summary

Activities should, in general, be cost-neutral. If there is some profit/loss from the activity then use this form to submit the proceeds to the treasury or get reimbursed for the extra expense.


Backpacking Forms

Weekend Hike - Prep Night Checklist

The following checklist can be used as a reminder of what to do on the weekend hike prep night. It pertains only to backpacking trips.

Request For Assistance/Patient Record Form

Keep this form in the your first aid kit in case it is needed to summon help when in the backcountry.


Longterm Forms

Longterm Eligibility Agreement

Before going on Longterm all Scouts and adults should be aware of the troop's eligibility requirements. They are called out here and in the Longterm Eligibility Agreement.

Food Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet was developed by Dick Rose to allocate food to each person on a Longterm hike. (Excel 98 or later is required.)

Food Packing Slip

A food packing slip is used to kit each Longterm meal.


Obsolete Forms

Advancement Record

Peakbagger Record

Hike Planning Spreadsheet

Hike Cost Summary


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