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  January 16, 2011

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Summer Camp Guidelines

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All Scouts going to summer camp shall have at least two overnight campouts with Troop 849.

Rationale: This provides some camping experience for the Scout and allows the Scout to check his camping equipment. He also will have the opportunity to form relationships with other Scouts who will be attending the week-long summer camp. These trips also allow the troop leadership to assess the maturity of the Scout. Scouts with significant behavior challenges will either not be allowed to attend summer camp or will be considered "Special Need" Scouts as described below.


Special Need Scouts

Scouts who, in the opinion of the troop adult leadership, exhibit various behavioral problems or tendencies (e.g., homesickness, excessive wildness, inability or unwillingness to follow directions, etc.) will be considered Special Need Scouts. As a Special Need Scout, his attendance at Troop 849 events will be allowed only if a parent or adult guardian is able to attend the event with the Scout. At the discretion of the Troop Committee the requirement for parental attendance may encompass all activities, including weekly troop meetings, or it may be limited to outdoor activities such as training backpacks and summer camp. The Special Need Scout, his parents, the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee should jointly work towards the goal of removing the Scout from the Special Needs category. Periodic assessment of progress towards this goal will occur.

Rationale: This provides an option for Scouts who would otherwise be restricted in their attendance of important troop events. Given the size of the troop and the potential for problems when many boys gather together, this is a necessary troop policy.



The troop nor the Scout Camp can provide any storage or supervision of medication. Therefore it is essential that Scouts requiring medication be mature and responsible for their own medication. It may be necessary for the Scout's parent to attend camp to ensure proper medication. Parents should provide a written description of any medication that their son is to ingest during camp. Leaders who observe medication being taken without prior written notification will confiscate the medicine and contact the parent whenever possible. Scouts who are unable to responsibly handle their own medication will be sent home.

Rationale: The troop leaders are not medically trained and cannot legally dispense medicines or deal with any consequences of too little or too much dosage. In addition, the camp environment does not permit leaders to monitor the individual actions of each Scout.


Spending Money

Scouts are encouraged to bring $25 to $35 to camp for incidental expenses such as extra patches, soft drinks, candy, craft kits, shooting range tickets, etc. As a precaution, the troop collects this money the day we leave for camp. Please bring the Scout's money in $1 bills in an envelope with the Scout's name marked in large letters. Adult leaders will be around camp to provide a few dollars at a time to the Scout at his request. Note that Scouts need to plan ahead and not expect adults to instantly provide funds on demand.

Rationale: Troop storage of funds is more secure than individual Scouts holding their own cash allotment for the entire camp.


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