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  January 13, 2017

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Mini-Peak Bagger Award


The Mini-Peak Bagger Program is offered by the Greater Los Angeles Area Council to acquaint Units with backcountry experiences that include elements of backpacking, peak climbing, and conservation work.

The Unit Leadership is encouraged to use these outings as an opportunity for developing outdoor skills and working on related merit badges. As most of these peaks are within easy reach for one-day outings, Units that are unable to take overnight backpacking trips can participate in this challenging program. It is hoped that these peak climbing experiences will prepare and lead each hiker into the broadest participation in the High Adventure Program of the GLAAC-HAT. There is no time limit for earning these awards.


8 Mini-Peak BaggerClimb eight peaks
16 Mini-Peak BaggerClimb eight additional peaks
24 Mini-Peak BaggerClimb eight additional peaks

Peaks - Angeles National Forest

Name Elevation Topographic Map Trailhead/Approach Difficulty
Mt. Hillyer 6162 Chilao Flat Horse Flats Campground E
Iron Mountain No. 3 5040 Chilao Flat Monte Cristo Campground E - M
Strawberry Peak No. 1 6164 Chilao Flat Red Box M
Iron Mountain No. 2 5635 Condor Peak Trail Canyon (Sunland Quad) M
Josephine Peak 5558 Condor Peak Clear Creek Infomation Station E - M
Mt. Lukens 5074 Condor Peak Stone Canyon M - S
Mt. Baden-Powell 9399 Crystal Lake Vincent Gap or Dawson Saddle M
Mt. Hawkins 8850 Crystal Lake Crystal Lake M
Mt. Islip 8250 Crystal Lake Islip Saddle E
Smith Mountain 5111 Crystal Lake Highway 39 M
Throop Peak 9138 Crystal Lake Crystal Lake or Dawson Saddle M
Mt. Williamson 8248 Crystal Lake Islip Saddle E - M
Bighorn Peak 8441 Cucamonga Peak Icehouse Canyon M
Cucamonga Peak 8859 Cucamonga Peak (optional) M - S
Ontario Peak 8693 Cucamonga Peak Icehouse Canyon M
Timber Peak 8303 Cucamonga Peak Icehouse Canyon E - M
Mt. San Antonio 10064 Mt. San Antonio Baldy Notch* M - S
Wright Mountain 8505 Mt. San Antonio Acorn Canyon E - M
Mt. Lowe 5603 Mt. Wilson (optional) E - M
Mt. Markham 5742 Mt. Wilson Eaton Gap E - M
Mt. Emma 5273 Pacifico Mountain Kentucky Springs Canyon E - M
Telegraph Peak 8985 Telegraph Peak Mt. Baldy Notch* M
Thunder Mountain 8587 Telegraph Peak Mt. Baldy Notch*; Icehouse Cyn M
Twin Peaks 7761 Waterman Mountain Angeles Crest Highway S
Waterman Mountain 8038 Waterrnan Mountain Angeles Crest Highway M
  1. * Ski lift may be taken to Baldy Notch, as an option to hiking the road from the parking lots.

Peaks - San Bernardino National Forest

Name Elevation Topographic Map Trailhead/Approach Difficulty
Bertha Peak 8201 Fawnskin Big Bear Ranger Station E - M
Allen Peak 5795 Forest Falls Wilson Creek E - M
Birch Mountain 7826 Forest Falls Oak Glen Ranger Station M
Little San Gorgonio 9133 Forest Falls Little San Gorgonio Trail S
Wilshire Peak 8707 Forest Falls Wilshire Peak Trail M
Apache Peak 7567 Idyllwild Morris Ranch Road M - S
Slide Peak 7841 Keller Peak Lookout Road E
Mineral Mountain 7230 Onyx Peak Round Valley Campground E
Suicide Rock 7528 San Jacinto Peak Deer Spring Trail E

Peaks - Los Padres National Forest

Name Elevation Topographic Map Trailhead/Approach Difficulty
McDonald Peak 6870 Alamo Mountain Snowy Creek or Alder Creek E - M
Snowy Peak 6559 Alamo Mountain Snowy Creek or Buck Creek M
Black Mountain No. 2 6216 Black Mountain Buck Creek M
White Mountain No. 2 6253 Black Mountain Buck Creek M
Frazier Mountain 8013 Frazier Mountain Chuchupate Campground E - M
Antimony Peak 6848 Pleito Hills Road End E - M
Grouse Mountain 8650 Sawmill Mountain (optional) E
Sawmill Mountain No. 1 8750 Sawmill Mountain (optional) E

Peaks - Joshua Tree National Park

Name Elevation Topographic Map Trailhead/Approach Difficulty
Quail Mountain 5814 Indian Cove Juniper Flat M
Eureka Peak 5516 Joshua Tree South Black Rock Canyon C. G. E - M
Inspiration Mountain 5575 Keys View Keys View Road E
Ryan Mountain 5457 Keys View Sheep Pass E - M
Lost Horse Mountain 5188 Keys View Keys View Road E
Queen Mountain 5687 Queen Mountain Queen Valley M
Bernard Peak 5360 Rockhouse Canyon Pleasent Valley M

Peaks - Other Southern California Locations

Name Elevation Topographic Map Trailhead/Approach Difficulty
Cuyamaca Peak 6510 Cuyamaca Peak (optional) E - M
Little Stonewall Peak 5250 Cuyamaca Peak Los Cabellos Campground E
Stonewall Peak 5730 Cuyarnaca Peak Paso Picacho Campground E

Peaks - Philmont Scout Ranch

Name Elevation
Burn Peak 9938
Hart Peak 7978

Difficulty Scale

E - EasyHas a trail from the trailhead to the summit or a minimum of scrambling from the trail to the summit. Usually there is a combination of shorter hiking distance, less elevation gain, and lower elevation.
M - ModerateMay involve more cross-country hiking, i.e., no trail, and scrambling to the summit. Greater distance, elevation gain, and higher summits.
S - StrenuousUsually no trail for some distance to the summit. Generally requires a full day of hiking because of distance, elevation gain, height of peak, and lack of trail.

The Fine Print

Consult the latest copy of Hike Aid 16, "Peak Bagging: Program and Awards" for a current list of peaks and the complete requirements.

All requirements are as of January 2017

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