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Winter Camping Equipment Checklist

To Be Worn Leaving Trailhead
___Long pants
___2 pair socks (1 thin inner & 1 thick outer)
___Waterproofed hiking boots (lug sole required)

Back Pack Equipment
___Sleeping bag in stuff sack in plastic bag (rated to 0 deg F, or rated to +20 deg F with a blanket inside sleeping bag)
___Full length closed cell foam pad (1/2" thick)
___50 ft. of 1/8" nylon cord
___Small day pack (optional without peak)
___2 large plastic trash bag (for pack cover)
___1/2 share: tent, rain fly, poles & stakes (will be supplied)
___Bear canister (will be supplied if needed)

Eating Gear (marked with name or initials)
___Spoon or fork
___Plastic bowl
___Plastic cup

Toilet Kit
___Soap & lightweight towel
___Toothbrush & paste
___3 Kleenex packets for toilet tissue (in zip lock bag)
___Plastic wash basin (bottom of gallon water, milk, or bleach bottle)
___Chap Stick or Blistex with sunscreen
___6 medium-large safety pins

___Pad of paper or small spiral notebook
___4 one gallon zip lock bags for trash
___Foam sitting pad
___Snowshoes with two ski poles
___Thick emergency blanket
Ten Essentials
2___Map of area (will be supplied)
3___Headlamp and
___spare battery
4___Sun glasses
5___Matches in waterproof case and 3" long candle
6___Personal first aid kit
7___Pocket knife
8___Trail snacks
9___2 wide mouth plastic quart bottles
___Iodine purification bottle (will be supplied)
10___Jacket (see below)
___Storm shelter

Additional Clothing in Pack (all in zip lock bags)
No cotton - cotton kills!
Wool items can be replaced with synthetic material.
___Full rain suit or poncho with rain pants or chaps
___Wool hat
___Wool face mask
___Wide brim hat or cap with brim
___Wind parka (nylon shell)
___Insulated nylon parka
___Wool shirt
___Thermal underwear top (synthetic)
___Wool sweater
___Wool gloves (waterproof)
___Wool mittens
___Outer nylon mittens
___Wind pants (can be part of rain gear)
___Wool trousers
___Thermal long johns underwear (synthetic)
___Undershorts, (strongly prefer non cotton)
___2 pair socks (1 thin inner & 1 wool outer)

___Snow shovel
___Snow brush
___Chemical heat pack
___Absorbent bath towel (recommended)

  1. If a storm is expected the weekend of the trip then we will not be going. Check with the trip leader.
  2. A training hike is required with full weight pack within 4 weeks of the trip. It must cover at least 4 miles with at least 500' of elevation gain.
  3. Tents are assigned at the meeting before the trip to each participant. Check the adequacy of the poles, hooks, shock cords, and seam seal (re-seal if necessary).
  4. There should be at least one ice axe in the group.

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