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  March 6, 1999

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This entire guide is also available in PDF format (161k)

Equipment Guide

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Do not bring any of the optional items (except your Handbook) on your first hike. Add them later as needed.

___Tennis shoes or "Aqua Socks"

Sometimes after a long day on the trail, it is nice to change out of your hiking boots and give your feet a rest. That's where a lightweight pair of shoes comes in handy. These are used only around camp and must give good foot protection.
ScalesExtra shoes are NOT recommended for small Scouts due to the added weight.
UPC"Aqua Socks" by Nike provide foot protection, collapse into a small space, and are very handy for fording streams. Unfortunately, they are fairly expensive.

___Additional pairs of socks

___Gloves or mittens

___Winter underwear

If cold weather is expected, bring along a pair of long johns.


Cameras, if brought, should be light and easy to use. Disposable cameras work well and are very popular.
TargetIf you bring a camera that uses batteries, be sure they are fresh before you leave home.

___Handbook (leave in car)

Bring your handbook along for signoffs. Some things can only be done outdoors so hikes are natural times to work on them. If you complete a requirement it is good to have your handbook handy to get it signed off. Leave your handbook in the car and get the requirement signed off when you first arrive back at the trailhead If you should forget, get it at the next troop meeting before memories start to fade.
TargetMake a copy of the appropriate page(s). Bring the copy along as a reminder of what is to be done.


We hike to enjoy the outdoors and experience what nature has to offer. This is a time away from civilization. The above items only detract from the experience. If any of the above are items are found, they will be confiscated.

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