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Weekend Hikemaster's Handbook

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The cost of weekend hikes is minimal and should be set so the hike is self supporting. The per person costs are figured as follows:

  1. Food cost (see above).
  2. Travel costs are figured at fixed rate per one way mile. See the Troop Treasurer for the current rates. Adults generally do not pay mileage. Alternately, drivers can be reimbursed in any way the hike leader deems fair.
  3. Any required permit or reservation fees (usually none).

Calculate the total cost and announce it at the same time you announce the departure time and location. Moneys are usually collected at the Scout House the day of departure. If time is important, the money can be collected at the previous Scout meeting to speed up departure. Food buyers are usually reimbursed the day of departure from the collected cash. Keep records of all hike related expenses so a hike cost summary can be easily created. Excess cash should be turned in to the Troop Treasurer. He will write the checks for each driver and to cover any additional expenses that were not reimbursed from the collected cash.

Attendees that cancel at the last minute are still required to pay for any permit or reservations fees that the troop has spent. If they cancel before the food is bought, then they are not required to pay for food costs. If they cancel after the food has been bought they must pay food costs too.

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