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Bridging Ceremony

  • Bridge
  • Camp fire (optional)
  • Troop neckerchiefs for all incoming Scouts
  • Cubmaster
  • Allowat Sakima -- OA leader in regalia
  • SPL
  • Scoutmaster
  • Troop 849 Scouts

[SPL, Scoutmaster, and Troop 849 Scouts wait at the west end of the bridge. Cubmaster and OA leader in full regalia at east end of bridge. ]

OA Leader. Would all Scouts who are prepared to leave pack #____ for even greater adventures in Boy Scouting please come forward with their parents now.

[Pause wait for all to come forward and for quiet. During this time Scouts from Troop 849 come forward to west end of bridge and light the camp fire. ]

OA Leader. Members of pack #____, you are about to bridge to the Boy Scouting program. There, you will find high adventure and the advancement trail that leads to the Eagle Scout rank, the highest and most distinguished rank in Scouting.

Those of you who have earned the Arrow of Light, have already distinguished yourselves by earning Cub Scouts highest rank. You have studied and performed many tests to earn first the Webelos rank and then the Arrow of Light. This award shows to all who see the arrow symbol on your uniform that you have ability and great promise.

[Pause and look over the Scouts ready to bridge to Scouting. ]

Webelos Scouts, your pack and den participation indicate that you are prepared to continue in Scouting, to have even greater adventures.

If you are ready to enter Scouting, follow me now across this bridge that joins Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Parents please join your son as he steps into Scouting. You too will be part of the adventure.

[Before stepping onto the bridge. ]

OA leader. Will the Cubmaster of these Scouts remove their Webelos neckerchief to symbolize that they are prepared to leave the pack.

[Cubmaster standing at east end of bridge, removes each Scouts neckerchief and hands it to his parent. ]

[Scouts fall in behind OA leader and cross bridge with their parents. ]

SPL to OA leader. Who are these Scouts that you bring to our troop?

OA Leader. These are Webelos Scouts who have distinguished themselves by earning the Arrow of Light, Cub Scouts highest award.

SPL. Have they indicated a desire to continue the Scouting adventure?

OA Leader. Yes, by completing the requirements for Arrow of Light, by attending troop meetings in the past, and now by crossing the bridge to Scouting, they have indicated their desire to enter Boy Scouting.

SPL. Do they desire to join Boy Scout Troop 849.

OA Leader. Yes they do. But you should ask each Scout if he is committed to enter the troop and live by the ideals represented in the Scout Oath and Law.

SPL. Webelos Scouts who wish to join Troop 849, I ask each of you if you are prepared to join Scouting, to advance in rank, to participate with your patrol in troop hikes, camps, and other activities? If so please take one step forward.

[Cubs step forward. ]

SPL to Scoutmaster. Mr. Vahey, these Scouts have indicated they are ready to join our troop.

Scoutmaster. I have had a chance to talk with each of you before you decided to join Troop 849. I am convinced that each of you will find our activities and training in Scout skills to be fun and exciting. I now ask members of Troop 849 to provide you with our troop neckerchief and welcome you to the troop.

[Scouts provide rolled up neckerchief to Webelos. ]

Scoutmaster. Welcome to Troop 849.

I also welcome you parents to the troop. Our troop has one of the most active programs in southern California. This is possible largely because of the parent involvement in direct leadership roles, or supporting roles behind the scenes. I invite you to join us at the next troop committee meeting to meet our other leaders and learn about upcoming activities.

Last updated April 1994.

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