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Presenting the Colors

[Color Guard is in the back of room at attention. Start with the American Flag on the right and the troop flag on the left.]

Leader. Will the audience please stand for the presentation of the colors.

Scouts, attention.
Color Guard, attention.
Color Guard, advance.

[Color guard will march up the middle aisle to the front of the stage, split and the American flag will use the right side stairs and the troop flag will use the left side stairs. The color guard details will cross on the stage and the American Flag will be on the audiences left. Proceed to the flag stands and halt.]

Leader. [When the flags reach the flag stands.] Color Guard, halt.

Color Guard post colors.
[After the Colors are posted] Those in uniform please salute - all others place your right hand over your heart.

Leader. Will the audience please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

[Pledge of Allegiance]

Leader. Next the Scout Oath.

[Scout Oath]

Leader. Next the Scout Law.

[Scout Law]

Leader. Two.

Leader. Color Guard, reform.

Leader. Forward march. [Color Guard marches to the rear of the room.]

Leader. Audience may please be seated. [Turn back over to the MC]

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