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  June 20, 2017

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Mailing List Details

Table of Contents


The Troop 849 mailing list is a way to receive timely announcements of Troop 849's activities. These announcements typically include last minute changes in activities, reminders of special events, and other announcements of general interest to the troop.


Posting a Message to this List

Once you are subscribed to this list, you are entitled to send (post) messages to it. These messages are sent to everyone on this list. To send to evryone, send your email to:


Send only to the above address. Do not include anyone else in the TO or CC fields. (If you did everyone on the list would see that person's email address, violating their privacy.) Including people in the BCC field is acceptable as that field is not visible.

Messages should be concise and have an informative subject line. The body of the message should end with a short signature providing your real name.

All messages are unmoderated which means once you send it, there is no way to take it back.

Remember: Any email you send to this list gets delivered to many people.

Acceptable Posts

An acceptable post is any message sent to this list that advances the purpose of this list, or at the very least does not disrupt or hinder these purposes. Don't be bashful or afraid to post a message. Do show restraint on the number of posts you send. Fewer, higher quality messages are preferred.

Before you post a message, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this message consistent with the goals of this list?
  • Is it of interest to most troop members? (If not, consider private email.)
  • Does the information need disseminating now or can it wait until the next regular meeting?

Then double check to make sure the subject line accurately describes the message and the information is clear and concise.

Each person on this list is responsible for what he or she says. All communication must be in good taste and honorable of Scouting.

Unacceptable Posts

The following should NEVER be sent to this list:

  • Spam
  • Chain letters
  • Flame mail
  • Solicitation or advertising of products or services
  • Classified ads
  • Attached files (except small pdf files)


Mailing List Etiquette

In this section you'll find some helpful hints and suggestions concerning mailing list etiquette. When you post a message to this list, keep in mind that it will be read by a variety of people, on a variety of different types of computers.

Subject Headings

The "Subject:" line in the header of the message is there so that people can know what your message is about before they read it. Try to make your subjects descriptive and brief. This makes life easier for everyone.


Keep your messages concise.

When you post a message, please remember that you are communicating with many people, and judge your words accordingly.

Use upper and lower case for ease of reading. Don't post messages in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered the electronic equivalent of shouting and is difficult to read. Instead, use underscores to underline and *asterisks* for emphasis.

Don't worry about a few spelling or grammatical errors. The goal is communication, not perfection.

Unnecessary quoting, off-topic messages, and attached files (especially ones people can't read) are not appreciated.

Always sign your name at the end of each message. Your email address may not clearly identify you.

Message Formatting

There is a wider variety of email client software and devices than you can imagine and you must take steps to insure that your messages can be read by everyone. If the line-lengths in your messages are too long, they become unreadable in some email readers. Some email readers will simply truncate lines longer than the screen width, making your message unreadable. Try to put "hard" carriage returns at the end of each line. To test out your messages, try setting your window to less than 80 characters (72 is a common number) and set the font to a fixed-width font like Courier.

If you use a word processing application to compose email messages, be sure you turn off "curly quotes" and other such special typographic substitutions as they are not displayed properly in all email clients.

Many email clients provide additional text formatting options (MAPI, HTML). Please turn all these options off for any message posted to this list.


Most email clients can automatically append a signature at the end of your message. This is a good way to include contact information. Note that a short, well-designed signature is less likely to be annoying than a long one. Try to keep your signature to no more than 6 lines and include at least your name and email address in it.

Personal Information

This mailing list goes out to many people. Include your personal information at your own risk. Do not include anyone elses personal information without their consent.


Attachments in general are not allowed on this list. Small pdf files are acceptable although cuting-and-pasting the contents into the body of your message is preferred. If you want to share a large file or a copy of a document please do it outside of this forum.

Do not include encrypted material in the body of your message. A digital signature is acceptable (as plain text, not as an attachment), but should normally be unnecessary for postings on this list.


You are not anonymous on this list. Your email address will appear in the reply field of your message. Since most addresses do not show your name, please sign your messages with your real name.

There are methods of sending messages via anonymous-email, and ways of forging an email address. Anyone caught doing this will be permanently removed from this list.

Replying to a message

When replying to a message, pay attention to where the message is going. Each mail program works differently. Please make sure that the TO: field is addressed to where you want the message to go.

It is good to quote the part of the message you are replying to so that people reading it can easily find the context of your reply. It's usually sufficient to quote just a few lines, rather than copying the entire previous message. Everyone received a copy of the original message, so quoting all of it is quite unnecessary.

Private email

Send private email whenever possible rather than posting to this list. Only post a message to this list when it is necessary and useful to everyone.

Please do not post a copy of private email to this list without the permission of the author of the message. If someone sends you mail privately, it is a violation of that person's privacy to quote that message in public without their permission.


We value your trust and respect your privacy. The information you provide (email address and name) will not be made available to anyone else. We will not sell, trade or otherwise make this list available to others for any purpose.

The email addresses from postings to this list should not be used to generate spam. Please add someone to your own mailing list only if they specifically ask you to do so.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Remember that what you post to this list may eventually be seen by almost anyone so post carefully. Friends, colleagues, journalists, and total strangers may be subscribed; assume that what you post here may eventually arrive in the hands of someone other than your intended audience. Be discreet and tactful.


A flame is when you call someone names, are overtly rude, or are blatantly sarcastic or condescending. Anything worth saying on this list can, and must, be stated in polite terms. Flaming is not allowed.

Spam, Mass-Mailings, & Junk Mail

This list may not be used to send junk-mail of any kind. Anyone who uses this list for this purpose, no matter what the subject, will be permanently banned from this list.


Who to Contact

Overall responsibility for this mailing list rests with the list manager. If you have questions, comments, or see something going on that you think is a breach of the guidelines, send a private email to us, not this list. (See the Contact Us page.)

Every attempt will be made to deal with violations of list policies in private email. Frequent or egregious violators will be subject to removal from this list.


Technical Stuff

This list is an open list allowing anyone, once verified, to subscribe. Posting is not moderated but is restricted to subscribers. All posts are archived for historical purposes. Due to the inherent timeliness of messages, the archives are not available to subscribers. This mailing list does not support digests or file retrieval.

This mailing list is hosted by Michael Thorpe who has generously donated server space and technical support. We thank him for his support.



This mailing list is not a medium for conducting any official Boy Scout or Troop 849 business, nor is membership limited to Troop 849 members. The Boy Scouts of America and Troop 849 are not responsible in any way for statements made by subscribers to this list.

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