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  January 20, 2007

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Before You Join

The Trail Ahead In Boy Scouting

The Boy Scout program promotes youth leadership, character, rank advancement, participation in meaningful outdoor activities, service to the community and having fun. In Boy Scouting, the Cub Scout experience transforms from adult-led activities to a youth-led program.

Rank advancement in Boy Scouting has three phases. The first phase, the Scout rank to First Class, focuses on learning, developing and honing Scouting skills. The second phase, the ranks of Star and Life, focuses on learning and practicing leadership skills and gaining knowledge through merit badges. The last phase, the rank of Eagle, focuses on leadership, service, and self-determination, and is the highest rank a Scout can attain. In all ranks, living the principles of Scouting, as expressed in the Boy Scout Oath and Law, is held in the highest regard.

For Parents

Your support of your son and the troop is very important if he is to complete this trail. So is your understanding of how Boy Scouting differs from Cub Scouting:

  • Unlike Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting is a year-round program, with a busy summer of hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • In Boy Scouting, a parent is no longer required to accompany the Scout on troop activities (hikes, summer camps, etc.). Dads and Moms are always welcome to participate in these activities and are strongly encouraged to drive, lead hikes, become Patrol Coordinators and assist in the troop. See "Parent Participation" section below.
  • In contrast to Cub Scouting, which is led by Den Leaders and the Cubmaster, Boy Scouting is youth-led, Scouts are encouraged to show leadership and self-reliance. The role of adults is as mentors and facilitators.
  • Advancement in Boy Scouting focuses on skills mastery more so than in Cub Scouting. Only Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Patrol Coordinators, Troop Instructors, or Troop Guides may sign off advancement items in a Scout's book.

Troop 849 Objectives

Provide a safe and fun program.

Provide a quality Scouting program, with the main focus on backpacking and other outdoor activities.

Develop boys into young adults who understand and live by the principles of Scouting.

Teach the boys Scout skills that will serve them and their community.

Encourage parents to actively participate in troop governance, activities, fundraising, events, patrol meetings and advancement activities.

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