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  January 20, 2007

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Transitioning from Cub Scouts

As a parent of a Cub Scout, here is a brief summary of what to expect prior to transitioning to Troop 849.

Months Prior to Bridging

The Webelos Scout and parent(s) will be invited to sign-up for Troop 849's annual Rocket Hike in January. This is an overnight car camping trip to Red Rock State Park north of Mojave that starts on Saturday. On Sunday morning, after breakfast and breaking camp, the troop moves to a dry lakebed to launch model rockets. This overnighter is a good introduction to the troop for both Scout and parent, and fulfills the Webelos Arrow of Light requirement to participate in a Boy Scout oriented outdoor activity.

With your Webelos Scout, discuss joining the Boy Scouts. Find out the type of activities that he would like to participate in as a Scout. The South Bay has a number of troops to select from; each has a different focus. Manhattan Beach Troop 849 has an outdoors and backpacking program.

With your Webelos Scout, attend one or more Boy Scout meetings held by different troops. We encourage your son to attend a Troop 849 meeting to get a feel for our program. Join the troop that best fits your son's interests.

If Joining Troop 849

Fill out a Boy Scout membership application completely and make out a check as instructed by your den leader or representative of Troop 849. These two items are required to given to the Scoutmaster at your Webelos Bridging ceremony where Troop 849 will welcome your Webelos as a member of our troop. We encourage you to fill out a parent registration form at the same time.

At least one parent from each family must attend the New Scout Parent Orientation meeting, which is held in early May. Please see the troop calendar for date and location.

Your son will need a Boy Scout uniform; in most cases this is the same as the Webelos (Khaki) uniform. Your Webelos Scout will receive a troop neckerchief as part of the bridging ceremony and troop numerals will be provided by the troop at his first meeting. Other uniform details will be further discussed at the New Scout Parents Orientation Meeting.

As of January, we begin to take sign ups for Summer Camp. If your Scout will attend, a deposit will be required to hold a spot. We strongly encourage new Scouts to attend Summer Camp to promote their interest in Scouting.

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