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  November 28, 2012

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Uniforms and Insignia Guide

A Class A (full) uniform consists of an official BSA short-sleeved shirt (with appropriate insignia), khaki colored long pants, and BSA belt and buckle. The shirt is worn with the Troop 849 neckerchief and a slide of the Scout's choice. The slide can be either purchased or hand made. One Troop 849 neckerchief is given to each boy when they join Troop 849. A replacement neckerchief can be purchased from the troop.

Class B uniforms are worn in less formal situations, such as on campouts or in work situations for service projects. A Class B uniform consists of either a Troop 849 activity t-shirt or a short-sleeved Boy Scout shirt and troop neckerchief. Any appropriate pants and footwear can be worn. Class B uniforms can be worn to all Scouting events except troop meetings and specifically designated class A events.

Official BSA uniforms and insignia can be purchased from various Scout supply stores. There is a detailed list of what you'll need and where to buy it at the end of this document. Most Scouts also buy a troop activity t-shirt which are available for sale by the troop. Email activityshirts@troop849.org to arrange a purchase. Sizes range from S to XL. The troop activity t-shirts are a light blue and have the troop logo on the back.

What to Wear and When

Regular meetings
Official BSA short-sleeved shirt and troop neckerchief
Scoutmaster Conference
Full Class A uniform
Board of Review
Full Class A uniform
Court of Honor
Full Class A uniform
Car camping
Class B uniforms are recommended
Weekend backpacking hikes
Troop activity t-shirt recommended
Longterm hikes
Class A uniforms are required while traveling and during the post-trip banquet.
Summer camp
Class B (troop activity shirt and Scout pants)
NOTE: BSA short-sleeved shirts are not worn on the trail. (Wear a troop activity t-shirt instead.)

Patch Placement

The troop publishes a one-page guide to proper patch placement. This guide is available in the Scout locker. An online Insignia Guide is available in PDF format (104k).

Uniform Closet

Used uniforms and boots are available in the Scout locker. The cost for any item is only $1.00.

This service is available because prior Scouts have donated their outgrown uniforms and boots to the locker. Please continue this tradition.

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