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  March 6, 1999

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Equipment Guide

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Eating Gear (marked with name or initials)

We wash all eating gear at the same time so they get all mixed together. Be sure to mark all of your eating gear and water bottle with your name or initials. Indelible marker and carved names work well. Check periodically that the marking has not worn off.
TargetWhen washing eating gear, we wash the metal items last as they tend to cool the wash water faster than the plastic ones. Choose plastic eating gear to get the cleanest wash water.

___Spoon and/or fork

A spoon and possibly a fork is all that you will need for meals. Knifes are not needed as none of the food needs cutting. Polycarbonate (Lexan®) utensils work well and are very durable. About $1 each.
ScalesYou only really need a spoon or fork (usually the spoon), not both.
ScalesMetal is heavy, use plastic utensils instead. Avoid cheap plastic as it will not hold up.
ThumbAvoid the BSA issue metal knife/fork/spoon set.

___Plastic bowl

Everything can be eaten out of a bowl. Do not bring a plate. Cooking occurs in stages so only one bowl is needed. Get a soup bowl that is about 6" in diameter and that has rounded corners so it is easy to clean. Anything much smaller will not hold big enough portions. Anything much larger is harder to clean as it will not fit in the wash pot.
There is both soft plastic (like Tupperware) and hard plastic (like Melmac®). The softer plastics work out best as they are less likely to crack when dropped.
TargetA plastic bowl will not conduct heat from hot soup to your hand as fast as a metal bowl. It also keeps food warmer longer.
ThumbAvoid the BSA issue metal utensil set. It is heavy and contains too many pieces that you do not need.

___Cup (plastic or Sierra)

A cup is need for drinking Kool-Aid®, Tang®, hot chocolate, etc. Any strong plastic cup with a handle is fine as long as it is not tall and skinny and therefore hard to clean (no tumblers). Something the size of a coffee cup is about right. A metal sierra cup (it looks like a small skillet) is also acceptable. A single cup can be used for the whole meal for most breakfasts.
ScalesPlastic cups are lighter.
ThumbAvoid collapsible cups. They leak and are hard to clean.

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