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Equipment Guide

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___Large zip lock bag for trash

We pack out all of our trash (and even other people's trash). Get a 1 gallon zip lock bag or two to contain the trash and keep it from getting all over your pack. (Regular plastic trash bags can be used in a pinch.)
TargetZip lock bags can be quite handy. They are very light and provide good utility. They come in various sizes: sandwich, quart, and gallon. Consider bringing a spare bag or two. (Be careful not to get the kind of zip lock bags that have air holes in them.)
ScalesUse zip lock bags to replace pouches and other containers.
TargetYour spare zip lock bags can be used to keep your extra clothes dry, clean and organized. Squash the bag before closing to vacuum seal your clothes.

___Pad of paper or small spiral notebook

A small amount of paper is handy for taking notes, keeping a journal, writing messages, etc. This item is not required for your first hike but should be added after you have been on a few hikes. Get either a small pad of paper or a 3"x5" spiral notebook.
ScalesRemove all but a couple of dozen pages from a spiral notebook. You will not need much paper.
DollarRecycle an old small spiral notebook,.


Any pencil or pen will do.
TargetSharpen an old pencil down to 3" and slide it into the top of the spiral notebook. It takes no more room, is always handy when you need it, and stays sharp.

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