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  March 30, 2018

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This entire guide is also available in PDF format (315k)

Long-term Hikemaster's Handbook

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Regardless of the destination or duration of the hike, a basic set of tasks and events need to happen. This is a list of those activities in an approximate time order.

Overall Time Line

6-12 months beforeRequest wilderness permit
Weeks beforeOrder mail order supplies
1-2 weeks beforeBuy store food
Saturday beforePack food
Tuesday beforePack inspection/stuff food

Six to Twelve Months Before

Checkbox Apply for a wilderness permit on the first day it becomes available. The first available date varies from trailhead to trailhead and year to year. Check with the rangers.

A Month Before or Earlier

Checkbox Prepare a preliminary list of attendees.

Checkbox Sit down as a group.

__ Decide what the meals will be.
__ Get individual food dislikes and allergies.
__ Identify individual medical issues.

Checkbox Make up a preliminary menu.

Checkbox Make up a map and directions to the trailhead for the drivers.

Checkbox Make up a map and directions to Sizzler and Baskin-Robbins for the drivers. (See the troop website.)

Checkbox Make sure everyone in the group has a medical form on file with the troop.

Checkbox Order maps.

Checkbox Order backpacking food.

Several Weeks Before

Checkbox Finalize the list of attendees.

Checkbox Collect money from the attendees.

Checkbox Determine the drivers.

Checkbox Complete the GLAAC-HAT paperwork.

__ Fill out a High Adventure Award Application.
__ Make up a trail schedule.
__ Make up a trail profile from the trail schedule.
__ Attach all of the above and a menu to the application.
__ Get the application approved by a High Adventure Team member.

Checkbox Request multiple peaks from a High Adventure Team member if required.

Checkbox Finalize the menu.

Checkbox Make up a grocery shopping list.

Checkbox Buy the grocery store items.

  • Shop as a group.

Checkbox Cancel extra wilderness permit slots when the head count is firm.

One Week Before

Checkbox Checkout troop equipment.

  • Get new lighters for the cook kits.
  • It is also a good time to buy new frying pans.

Checkbox Light all stoves and very they work.

Checkbox Verify the fuel bottle hoses don't leak.

Checkbox Verify the water cubes don't leak.

Checkbox Wash all cook kits.

Checkbox Checkout special long-term equipment.

__ Stove repair kit.
__ Replacement stove hose.
__ Splint.
__ Thermometer.

Checkbox Get personal iodine bottles for first-time people.

Checkbox Determine what the trailhead food will be and who will buy and prepare it.

Saturday Before

Checkbox Pack food.

  • As a group at the Scout House.
  • Discard extra packaging.
  • Measure into exact portions.
  • Use lots of Zip-Lock bags.
  • Mark contents and cooking directions on each package.
  • Package paper towels separately to save space in the bear canister.

Within The Next Two Days

Checkbox Allocate the troop equipment and food to individuals.

  1. Determine Scout body weight/hiking ability to assign weight.
  2. Update the spreadsheet for people and equipment.
  3. Record the food package weights in the spreadsheet.
  4. Allocate the equipment and food using the spreadsheet. See the spreadsheet for details.
  5. The total weight of the food and troop equipment should be 1.25-1.5 lb. per person per day. This does not include bear canisters or tents.

Checkbox Make copies of the menu and the food allocation list for everyone.

Tuesday Before

Checkbox Determine tent buddies.

Checkbox Have everyone check out tents and bear canisters.

  • Everyone should setup and thoroughly check their tent.

Checkbox Inspect Scout packs. Adults are optional.

  • Only required items are present.
  • Missing items are itemized.

Checkbox Distribute topo maps.

Checkbox Distribute food packages.

Checkbox Sequester packs.

Just Before Leaving (Optional)

Checkbox If driving:

__ Wash the car.
__ Vacuum car to remove food crumbs.

Checkbox Water seal the boots.

Checkbox Get a haircut.

Checkbox Empty wallet of non-essential items.

Day Before

Checkbox Get gas.

Checkbox Buy the fresh food.

Checkbox Clean the car windshield.

Travel Day

Checkbox Bring.

__ Menus for everyone.
__ Food allocation lists for everyone.
__ Map/directions to trailhead for drivers.
__ Map/directions to Sizzler and Baskin-Robbins for drivers.
__ Wilderness permit reservation.
__ Scout camp reservation. (If required)
__ Fresh food.
__ Trailhead food and cooking supplies.
__ Extra gas for trailhead cooking.
Checkbox At the Scout House.

__ Verify that all Scouts have either a medical form (yellow card) or a parent going along.
__ Verify items that were missing from the Scout packs have been supplied.
__ Pass out driving maps/directions.
__ Assign Scouts to the cars. Either order by rank or ad hoc.
__ Exchange cell phone numbers.
__ Determine where to stop for lunch.

Checkbox Stop by the trailhead ranger station.

  • Pick up the wilderness permit.
  • Get a California fire permit if it is not part of the wilderness permit.
  • Verify where fires are permitted.
  • Ask about the bear situation.
  • Ask about bear boxes along the trail.

Checkbox At the trailhead.

  • Distribute the menus.
  • Distribute the food lists.
  • Assign cook groups.

Hike Day

Checkbox Count off at the trailhead so each person has a number.

Last Day

Checkbox Collect the troop equipment (except the tents and bear canisters).

Checkbox Have everyone recombine tent halves.

  • One person to clean the tent and return it to the locker.

After The Hike

Checkbox Clean the troop equipment and return it to the locker.

Checkbox Return the special long-term equipment (repair kit, splint, etc.).

Checkbox Turn the GLAAC-HAT paperwork into the GLAAC Scout Shop to buy the awards.

Checkbox Submit an expense report to the Troop Treasurer. Include all receipts.

Checkbox Submit an Activity Report to the troop. This is usually done electronically. The Activity Report is available on the Forms page of our website.

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