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  March 30, 2018

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Personal Equipment

Each participant is required to provide their own personal equipment as described in the "Long-term Hike Personal Equipment Checklist". This list is an expanded version of the normal weekend equipment list. In addition, the Scout is expected to have a complete personal first aid kit. A pack inspection is done the meeting just before long-term for all Scouts. Adults are encouraged to participate too. Scout packs are confiscated after the inspection and locked up until departure time. A list of deficiencies is given to each Scout and he is expected to have those items before departure.

Hikemaster's Pack

Depending on the hikemaster, you might find some of the following items in his pack. These are above and beyond the normal checklist items.

Safety:A more complete set of topo maps for the area
Super bright search light
Heavy duty space blanket which doubles as a tarp
Extra pair of eye glasses
Water pump
Handy:Spare backpack rings and pins
Extra large trash bag
Good tweezers
Good scissors
5-10 feet of duct tape
Fun:Fishing gear
Astronomy charts showing the planets for that week
Various edible treats for everyone

Troop Equipment

The quantity of troop equipment that is needed by the group depends on the size of the group. The quantities shown below are a starting point. Check out all equipment ahead of time and make sure it is all operational. If multiple hikes are planned for the same time, check with the Troop Quartermaster to make sure the required equipment will be available.

Item Quantity for
5-7 people
Quantity for
8-12 people
Weight each
Cook kit with stove2232 oz.
Spare stove-111 oz.
Fuel bottle2220 oz.
Spare fuel bottle-120 oz.
Large Molotov *3430 oz.
Large Molotov **1130 oz.
Pliers114 oz., put in a cook kit
Small frying pan1211 oz.
Spatula122 oz.
Cooking oil (2 oz. bottle)1-2 oz. (half full)
Cooking oil (2 oz. bottle)-14 oz. (full)
Water cubes225 oz.
Iodine bottle2212 oz.
Trowel222 oz.
Thermometer111 oz.
Splint114.5 oz.
Stove repair kit110.5 oz.
Replacement stove hose ***112.5 oz.

* Fuel usage depends on the number of meals cooked. The quantity shown is for seven breakfasts and dinners. (Actual usage: 8 people for 8 days of meals used 3 2/3 Molotovs.)

** For trailhead cooking. Top off stoves before leaving and then leave this Molotov at the trailhead.

*** In lieu of an additional fuel bottle.

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