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  March 30, 2018

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Wilderness Permit

Almost all long-term hikes require a Wilderness Permit. Since there are usually quotas on these permits, it is important that the location be chosen early enough to insure that the permits can be obtained. Try to apply for the permit on the first day it becomes available. See the Reservations page of our website for the latest reservation information. Call the appropriate agency (Ranger Station, etc.) well ahead of time and ask what their preferred reservation request method is (phone, FAX, or letter) so you stand the best chance of getting your first choice of dates.

You will be sent a wilderness permit reservation by mail. This is not the permit. You need to take this reservation to the designated agency to get the actual permit. This needs to be done on your way to the trailhead.

Fire Permit

You will need a California fire permit. See the "Weekend Hikemaster Handbook" for details. Sometimes they are included as part of the wilderness permit. If not, they can be picked up ahead of time of at the same time you pick up your wilderness permit.

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