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Long-term Hikemaster's Handbook

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The usual departure point for long-term is the Scout House. There is a longstanding tradition to travel is full Class A uniforms. (Both directions.) A second set of clothing should be brought for use at the trailhead prior to departure.


Drivers should be finalized several weeks before the hike. Try to keep the number of drivers to a minimum for several reasons.

  • Trailhead parking is often limited.
  • Drivers are paid by mileage and any costs above those collected from the participants must be covered by the troop.

Each driver should be provided with the following information the day of departure.

  • Driving map showing the location of the trailhead camp site.
  • Emergency phone number to contact in case of any problems. Usually several of the drivers will have cell phones and these numbers make good choices.


We usually depart in the morning so everyone should bring a sack lunch to eat along the way. Our favorite spot to eat lunch on the west side of the Sierra's is at Pixley Park. On the east side it is at the Coso rest stop, about 3 miles north of Little Lake.

Trailhead food will be needed for dinner and the next morning's breakfast. Given all that is going on at that time of the trip, it is best to delegate that food responsibility to another adult.

On the way back, we'll stop at Sizzler and Baskin-Robbins. Those expenses are paid out of the hike fees.

Equipment Distribution

Food and troop equipment is usually distributed at the Scout House just prior to leaving. The Scout puts it in his backpack and becomes responsible for it until the hike is over.

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