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  March 6, 1999

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General | First Hike | Weekend Checklist | Equipment Guide | First Aid Kit | Prohibited Items | Trail Etiquette

This entire guide is also available in PDF format (161k)

Equipment Guide

Introduction | Forward | Format | To Be Worn Leaving Trailhead | Back Pack Equipment | Eating Gear | Toilet Kit | Miscellaneous | Ten Essentials | Additional Clothing in Pack | Optional | Where to Shop


Starting on the next page is the checklist. The items are shown in large bold type. Information about each item follows it in smaller type. Prices, when given, are approximate and are in 1996 dollars. (Sale prices will be lower.)

At the end of this guide is a copy of the actual checklist along with a list of local stores that provide quality backpacking equipment.

Throughout this document, you will find little icons to the left of some of the paragraphs. These icons denote various tips, weight saving ideas, money saving ideas, product suggestions, and various cautions. Here is what each icons means.

TargetThe target indicates a little tidbit of information that might be helpful. Use the ones that you like and ignore the rest.
CautionThe exclamation denotes caution. Experience has shown over and over that some things do not change. Pay attention to these. Enough said.
ScalesThe scales represent little things that you can do to keep the weight of the backpack down. An ounce here, an ounce there - before you know it, it's real pounds.
Note:Smaller Scouts or those new to hiking should avoid extra weight at all cost. Larger, stronger Scouts with more experience can tolerate a little extra weight.
DollarThe dollar sign suggests ideas that can help keep the cost down, especially if you are not really sure backpacking is for you.
UPCThe UPC symbol denotes brands items that stand out from the rest. Sometimes one brand or make of an item has proven to be superior. Choose alternate items with caution.
ThumbThumbs down indicates that an item is so bad that it should be avoided. Be very careful in selecting these items.

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