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This entire guide is also available in PDF format (161k)

Equipment Guide

Introduction | Forward | Format | To Be Worn Leaving Trailhead | Back Pack Equipment | Eating Gear | Toilet Kit | Miscellaneous | Ten Essentials | Additional Clothing in Pack | Optional | Where to Shop

Forward to New Scouts

Scout (1k)This guide describes the equipment that will assist you in having an enjoyable hiking experience. The most important piece of equipment is you. If you have not been hiking a lot recently, be sure you get your feet, legs, and shoulders ready. Start with a 1 or 2 mile walk several times a week. Then do the same walk with a 15 to 20 pound pack. Wear your hiking shoes or boots. Increase the pack weight or length of the walk until you are ready. BE PREPARED.

Forward to Parents of New Scouts

Parents (4k)Your son will need your help in selecting and purchasing backpacking equipment. Most of the items can be improvised and should not require a major investment. There are three exceptions; the backpack, the sleeping bag, and a good pair of boots. The backpack and sleeping bag, although expensive, can be used for a lifetime. Comfortable shoes will be fine for the first few hikes, but eventually he will need a good pair of hiking boots.

There is a natural tendency to want your son to be fully equipped for his first hike. Experience shows us that almost all boys bring things on their first hike that they do not need. Please avoid packing things like multiple changes of clothes and other items that are not on the checklist. The extra weight does more to spoil a weekend than having to live without a luxury. As your son grows and gains hiking experience, he will add anything that is really needed. In the meantime, lighter is better!

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