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  March 6, 1999

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This entire guide is also available in PDF format (161k)

Equipment Guide

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BSA Troop 849 has prepared a Weekend Hike Personal Equipment Checklist which reflects over 30 years of backpacking experience. This checklist is used as a final check before each hike to insure that you are properly outfitted. Some things on the checklist are self explanatory, others are not. This guide is intended for the use of new Scouts and their parents to get ready for their first weekend backpacking hike.

The format of this guide is to repeat the checklist verbatim and add descriptions of each piece of equipment. Also included is a brief description of how each item is used as well as things to look for when shopping for equipment.

We hope this guide answers many of your equipment questions and helps get you off to a good start. Suggestions for future revisions are welcome.

This guide pertains only to weekend hikes and does not address the additional equipment and considerations for longer (week long) hikes or winter hikes.


Many thanks to the dedicated individuals of BSA Troop 849 whose experience and wisdom are summarized in this publication. Also, thanks to our Scoutmaster, Mike Vahey, for his invaluable contributions to the early development of this material. A special thanks is also due to the master of longterms, Dick Rose, for his review and help to insure the accuracy and completeness of this information. Without these two amazing men and the many that have preceded them, this guide would not be possible. Thank you one and all.

Tom Thorpe      

1996 Boy Scout Troop 849, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266
Original draft May 1996 by Tom Thorpe.
Second printing April 1997.

Permission to duplicate and use for Scouting purposes is hereby granted to all Boy Scout organizations.
Please give Troop 849 credit as may be due them.

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